Business Continuity Statement Regarding COVID-19

With an ability to move production between our 4 Australian manufacturing facilities in 3 states, we are uniquely set up to meet customer requirements in the face of a global health challenge. That said, we are taking no risks with COVID-19, and are employing prudent steps to ensure we can supply products to our customers in a timely manner, as well as taking preventative steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The UBEECO, Integra and Expert Packaging businesses have implemented several preventative measures to compliment standard hygiene practices, including the following:

1. International and Domestic Travel:

  • We are prohibiting all international and domestic business travel for the next 30 days. This ban may be extended as needed.

2. Attendance at Meetings or Events:

  • Attendance at any gathering of 100 people or more is prohibited for the next 30 days. This ban may be extended as needed.
  • Meetings at any of our facilities will be by prior approval and appointment only
  • Our external salespeople will continue to have 1on1 meetings if required/requested, but they will also seek more creative ways to keep in touch with you such as via phone/video conferencing.

3. All UFP Industries Facilities:

  • We have instituted work from home protocols in all offices.
  • In our factories we are implementing social and workspace distancing to address production needs while maintaining health and safety.
  • We have adequate hand washing facilities and have instituted new surface cleaning protocols for all spaces.
  • As per our current policy, all supervisors are to send home any employee who they believe is sick.

Finally, we have a Business Continuity Plan that, in general, provides back-up supply capabilities throughout our Australian manufacturing plants. With 4 manufacturing locations across Queensland, NSW and Victoria, we are well positioned to provide stop-gap deliveries from other locations to mitigate downtime if required.

  • With respect to our office functions, our employees can work remotely through several technology platforms already in use today.
  • We have been in contact with our key suppliers and do not expect any interruption to supply of raw materials such as timber or any purchased products at this stage. Our Procurement Team are in continual discussions with our supply lines and will report immediately if any issues should arise.
  • We have experience shifting parts of production from one plant to another due to changing market conditions or workload and have the capability to execute a similar shift if required.
  • We have the technical resources to offer alternate methods of communication and meetings via phone and video conferencing
  • If you have any special or varying supply requirements (increase or decrease) please speak to your designated Account Manager to ensure we are both prepared and we can best service your requirements

As we know this is an evolving situation we are in and will do our best to keep you informed and updated as required. Thanks for your understanding and ongoing support


Eric Miller

Managing Director


New South Wales – 28 Sarah Andrews Close, Erskine Park NSW 2759 – 02 9670 9800
Queensland – Gate 2, Unit 193 / 49 Station Street, Yeerongpilly QLD 4105 – 07 3848 9290
Victoria – Gate 6, Tilburn Road, Deer Park VIC 3023 – 03 8348 5430