With our decades of experience as the experts
in export, machinery and aviation packaging, UBEECO™ provides
custom military packaging solutions to the Defence industry.

We are Australia’s leaders in industrial packaging solutions. As a single source supplier, organisations benefit from the networks and experience of our skilled team. As well as being leading distributors of major brands, we offer you a complete packaging solution.

Experience custom design and premium service. Be it heavy goods to complex machinery, our team are equipped to assist you with protecting and shipping military goods and equipment using a variety of tailored options. The UBEECO team will guide you in choosing the most suitable packaging: such as durable wooden Cases, Crates and Nail-less boxes.

Defence & Military Packaging

UBEECO offers a comprehensive onsite packing service, which includes shrink wrapping, packing of machinery into containers, and careful handling throughout the entire process to guarantee the secure and safe delivery of cargo to its final destination. Yet another example of why we are Australia’s leaders in industrial packaging solutions.

We cater for everything from short or long term storage to transit scenarios and complete protective packaging solutions. Via our comprehensive Protective Packaging & Preservation Product range we offer: foils, films & dessicants, Intercept Technology, Air pillow, bubble wrap and foam products.

Discuss your requirements with our packaging consultants. Our experts will work with you to gain a full understanding of your military equipment and machinery transport requirements and offer you practical solutions.