UBEECO is expanding across Australia, with acquisitions and partnerships taking place that will enable us to supply our customers with a seamless Australia Wide packaging and logistics service.

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As a part of UBEECO’s growing supply chain solutions, our Brisbane (QLD) office (formerly Integra Packaging) expands our company’s reach throughout the country by combining the talent and experience of both UBEECO and Integra into a stronger presence throughout Australia. Our customers benefit from lower prices due to the economies of scale our group buying power now provides.

Our Queensland presence has gained a reputation as a highly professional packaging business and offers the full range of UBEECO services both locally, Australia wide and for global export.

We offer a complete packaging service to a range of industries and businesses, from a sole trader/manufacturer with a limited client base, to a large multinational organisation. UBEECO is able to assist a wide-ranging spectrum of organisations by reviewing their packaging procedures through a professional diagnostic/audit process.

Complete Packaging Engineers based in Queensland

Broad client base

The company has clients spanning defence, mining, infrastructure, logistics, aerospace and general manufacturing. Services include assembling storage modules for freight forwarding and storage companies.

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Wide Range

We create a range of packaging, from large heavy duty timber boxes and crates to ply boxes; anti-corrosive shrink wrap to returnable/reusable packaging solutions. In fact it caters for all cargo, from 10 tonne bulky machinery to fragile freight – across the country or across the world.

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Quality Packaging

When it applies to protecting your investment across the stresses of shipping, bulk handling and warehouse storage, UBEECO Queensland (formerly Integra Packaging) understands the importance of quality Tertiary Packaging. They are here to safeguard your shipment and ensure that your cargo arrives safely and intact.

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In 2021, Integra Packaging was renamed UBEECO Packaging Solutions

The UBEECO Group is a proud part of the UFP Industries Inc. family of companies.

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