Large Machinery Packing Made Easy

Finding a complete packing solution for machinery can be a very tedious task. Luckily, we have you covered, here at UBEECO.

Machinery Packing with Intercept Wrap on Plane
Large Machinery Packing

Our customers range from small to large-scale businesses with different packaging requirements. Perhaps there is a large piece of equipment that needs to arrive to a buyer, or hefty, delicate machinery needing to travel to a station in Antarctica. No matter how minuscule or obscure the circumstance may be – our end goal is always to have your package arrive at its destination in the same condition as it left.

Options for Packing Machinery

When shipping goods to a destination proves itself to be difficult, there’s no need to be overwhelmed from the troubles of finding a solution; UBEECO can offer you a variety of options. We have a mobile packing crew who will come to you and pack on-site, or if you already have a team who’s able to complete the packing process, there is the option of having a flat-packed kit sent to you to assemble.

Our On-Site Packing service is one that is sought after by many industries such as the Aviation and Mining industries; we’ve even collaborated with Universities and other research organisations to pull off large-scale projects in a timely manner.

How does the On-Site Packing Service Work?

No matter how short or long the project may be – we’re able to quote on jobs of any size. We can pack machinery and other types of cargo, Australia-wide. All you have to do is give us a call and you can be on your way to having a complete packing solution. Here’s how our On-Site Packing Service works:

  1. Our Mobile Packing Crew visits your site for a full measure and assessment of the cargo.
  2. They assess any delicate or fragile details, as well as the type of freight or journey the cargo will be on.
  3. The measurements are taken back to our warehouse and the freight packaging gets manufactured accordingly.
  4. Transport and moving equipment is coordinated such as hiring a Franna crane and organising an operator.
  5. Our Mobile Packing Crew returns to your site to assemble the cargo in its wooden case, ready for shipment.

If this sounds like the right service you need – contact us today!