We are located in Carole Park and our skilled team include positions in Production, Customer Service, Sales + more.

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We value our customers and our sales team are passionate about providing innovative and appropriate solutions to continually strengthen these relationships. Each member of our team seeks to further develop existing opportunities, whilst also identifying new leads to proudly promote our brand. Communication is key in our business and our sales team understand that they will be an initial point of contact, but will continually be working behind the scenes and be available to our customers to ensure our products are manufactured and delivered to specification on time, every time.

ubeeco careers packaging
ubeeco careers packaging

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team provide exceptional service and support to both our customers and our external sales team, ensuring the continued growth of our business. Although based at Erskine Park in NSW, the team is responsible for both the NSW and Victorian markets. No two days are the same in this fast-paced environment, with responsibilities such as receiving and processing customer orders, coordinating delivery times with our production and logistics team and liaising with our industrial design team to guarantee a consistent, positive customer experience.

Finance and Administration

Like most organisations, we can’t function without a strong administration team. We have a range of positions across our organisation including:

  • Accounts Receivable,
  • Accounts Payable,
  • Financial Accountants and
  • Human Resources.

Each team member brings solid experience, an eye for detail and great communication skills to their individual role, in order to provide essential operational support to other core departments of The UBEECO Group.

ubeeco careers packaging
ubeeco careers packaging

Production | Operations (Supervisors/Management)

UBEECO’s Production and Operations Management Team have progressed throughout our company, starting from the factory floor and moving on up. They work closely together and support each other in ensuring our products are built and delivered on time and within budget and to expected quality standards. They are hands on when needed, with thorough knowledge of our plant and production systems and procedures. They are our finest examples of career progression.

Assembly I Production Worker (General Labour)

Our manufacturing plants are where the magic happens!

We offer a variety of roles dependent upon experience, so we are able to cater for first-time employees to those who are experienced with large machinery and within the timber industry. From fabricating component parts to assembling the finished product according to customer specifications, and from using nail-guns to our large turbo machines, all of our staff are trained to complete their daily tasks with efficiency, quality and safety.

ubeeco careers packaging

WHS Coordinator

The UBEECO Group is committed to continuous improvement of all aspects of workplace health and safety.

We have a dedicated and experienced WHS Coordinator on site who provides assistance and guidance to operations team, managers, employees and contractors/visitors on a daily basis by undertaking safety inspections and reviews, ensuring all safety policies and process are inline with current legislation and by participating in the safety induction and training of all employees.

Forklift Operations

No manufacturing facility or warehouse would be complete without forklift operators to transport our materials.

They are the first to handle stock from our suppliers with care and precision and will be the last to send our finished goods off to our customers. Our forklift operators work closely with our production staff and supervisors, ensuring operational efficiency throughout all of our sites, whilst adhering to safety management standards.

moving cratepak-o with machinery with forklift
Industrial Packaging Experts

Truck Drivers

The perfect position for those who enjoy working independently, whilst also being part of a close -knit team.

Our drivers are responsible for the delivery of goods to customers and picking up materials from vendors and other operations. They have a great knowledge of their respective metropolitan areas with the ability to work to timeframes and deadlines. They are the face of UBEECO on the road and have a strong commitment to road safety and our brand.

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