Extensive range ofPackaging Consumables at UBEECO Packaging Solutions

As the Leaders in Industrial Packaging Solutions, we also offer a convenient range of packaging consumables for our customers. Our customer service team will recommend the best options for your goods to be safely shipped and transported.

Wrap, Fill, Pack, Seal and Deliver.

Our Packaging Consumables range covers the following areas:

Tapes & Labels
Protective Packaging
Pallet Collars
Mailing Solutions
Preservation Products

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With over 50 years’ experience supporting a range of industries & product-types,
our Packaging Consumables are a quality and effective collection offering genuine benefits to our customer base.

Wrap Products

Stretch Wrap

Whether you’re shipping pallets of goods that need to be secured, or you’re looking for a way to increase the security of your parcels, there’s a stretch wrap in stock for your application.

Our stretch wrap includes Hand Stretch and Machine Stretch Films options. The Hand Stretch has outstanding stretch capabilities and great cling functionality. Ideal for keeping pallets secure plus its tear and puncture-resistant. Our Machine Stretch Film offers low noise application, excellent cling & memory, high puncture resistance plus has high-clarity cast film.

You’ll find Black stretch wrap to be the ideal choice when you’re looking to increase the security, whilst Clear is your more traditional application where products need to be exposed for checking purposes.

The film thickness varies from 17um – 25um, its best to talk to a packaging consultant to understand which thickness is best for you.

If additional protection is needed, ask about pallet caps or angle board.

Pallet Top Sheets

Pallet Top Sheets also referred to as Covers or Pallet Caps, are generally used on the top of pallets. It serves as a protective layer, preventing  elements such as dirt, dust and rain entering your load.

In addition, Pallet tops are ideal for extra security on your load. It helps prevent the top layer of product/boxes being lifted during transit and storage. The ideal tamper deterrent.

Further, it is a great time saver, as it reduces time needed to wrap pallets and trying to manipulate stretch wrap to cover the overall pallet top.

  • Used with pallet stretch wrap to enclose the pallet
  • Top Sheets come on a perforated roll for easy tear off application
  • Available in Clear or Black

Strap Products

PET Strapping

PET or Polyester Strap has become the preferred strapping method for most businesses across a range of industries due to the many unique benefits that PET strap has.

Safety is the main focus for many businesses and PET strap has proven track record in reducing injuries such as cuts and bruising in the work place.

This is not only a benefit for your employees, but your customers too! PET is also cheaper than traditional steel and savings of up to 50% are not uncommon.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene or PP Strap is ideally used to unitise products such as cartons or small bundles of timber. Another popular use for PP Strap is securing cartons or goods on pallets.

When used with a plastic or wire buckle, PP strap can easily be tightened by hand. If your application requires a tighter strap, a manual tensioning tool can be used to reach the desired tension and a metal clip and manual sealer tool (crimper) to join the strap.

Also available in machine grade and can be used on both semi-auto and fully auto strapping machines

Steel Strapping

Steel strap can be used in a number of different applications such as steel sheet and coil, steel pipes and tube, baling, bundling/pack unitising, case sealing to name a few.

Low to medium volume users generally opt for the Ribbon Wound rolls (11-15kgs) which are easy and safe to handle. Higher volume users are best suited to the larger Rope Wound rolls (45kg) which reduces the amount of roll changes and increases efficiencies.

Seals and Buckles

We also have available various seals and buckles available to secure stock during transport.
Examples include Steel Strapping Seals,Poly Strapping Seals & Polyester PET seals.
Examples include Wire Buckles, Plastic Buckles & Poly Woven Wire Buckles.

Tapes & Labels Product Range

Our extensive range of packaging and specialty tapes are suitable for all kinds of application. From standard packaging tapes, construction tapes, double-sided tapes to adhesive envelopes.

Our range also includes warning labels suitable across a range of industries & their products.

specialty packing tapes

Packaging & Specialty Tapes

This high commodity product is found in every warehouse. It’s an essential packaging product we all need, and tend to try and save on. Whilst savings are important in any setting, it’s crucial to consider the application, before you select your tape.

When you speak to our packaging expert, they will ask questions such as:

  • whether you’re sealing cardboard boxes,
  • are they made of recycled material,
  • will the box be going into to a refrigerator, or
  • how long the box is going to be sealed for.
adhesive packaging envelopes

Adhesive Envelopes

Adhesive envelopes are used on the outside of parcels. They’re a simple an easy way to both: highlight the location of the invoice for your customer, as well as display the delivery address of the parcel.

Adhesive envelopes come in plain unprinted colours, but you can also choose from a range of custom prints such as: “Packing Slip Enclosed”, “Invoice Enclosed”, “Documents Enclosed”.

With a variety of sizes, colours and prints on hand, we’re sure to have a solution for you.

warning label tape packaging

Warning Labels

When your parcels have a safety risk they need to be labelled and clearly marked as a warning to people handling the goods.

There’s a range of standard warning and security labels available such as: Fragile, This Way Up, Chemical Hazards & Urgent.

These messages can be supplied in rolls of tape, perforated rolls of tape or peel and stick labels. The right method will depend on how you need to get your message across, so get in touch with our team to talk about your options.

Printed tapes

Our Printed Tapes range are a great, easy & cost effective resource. Printed Warning Tapes (egs fragile, urgent, handle with care) are ideal for protecting your goods in transit and improving warehouse operations.  Custom printed tapes are also available. You can add company logo and company details or special messaging – a easy method to increase your brand and great noticed, especially if custom branded packing isn’t an option.

custom printed tapes

Protective Packaging Range

Depending on your individual needs, the solution you require will vary from one product type to another. With our extensive protective packaging solutions, we will offer you the best option available, from Air Pillows, Bubble Wrap to Foam and more.

sealed air pillow
air pillow

Air Pillow

If void fill products are not practical for your item packing workflow, or bubble wrap takes up too much room, then this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. AirPillow is no longer exclusive to big packing houses. It’s now an affordable option for small, at-home mail-order companies through to huge distribution centres.

With options for small lightweight bench top units or pre-filled pillows, we can work with you to find the best solution to present and protect your shipments.


  • Affordable
  • Maximum Protection & Presentation
  • Space Saving
  • No More Messy Loose Fill
  • Compact Unit Sits On Bench
  • Premium Protection
  • Budget Cost

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Bubble wrap packaging materials

Bubble Wrap

We all know bubble wrap, but something you may not know is that there’s a large variety of styles to choose from like anti-static, foil-lined or even ready-to-roll. It’s important to discuss your application with our packaging consultant to ensure that you’re getting the right products for your application.

Getting the right bubble wrap can not only save you time, but can save your goods from being damaged.


  • Provides cushioning for fragile items
  • Various styles available; Standard, Anti Static, Paper Backed, Double Layer & more
  • Recyclable options available
  • Stock product, fast turn around
  • Australian Made
  • Buy in bulk and SAVE
  • Custom print for large volume orders

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air bubble protective packaging

New Air Bubble I.B

Offering two-in-one protection, as it fills in empty space in your parcel while offering superior protection from any breakages or damage.

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void fill eco friendly greenpak

Void Fill

Referred to in the industry as void fill, but also called foam peanuts or popcorn. This product is ideal to fill-in empty or void space in your packaging.

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construction multiguard protection

Construction Multiguard

Construction Multi Guard is an ideal product for protecting surfaces like floors and walls against abrasion. Its design offers superior strength where maximum protection is needed. Further, its light-weight rolls allows for easy handling, quick and easy install, and reusability across projects.

100% RECYCLABLE & Australian made

polyfoam protection packaging


UBEECO’s Polycell range of closed cell non cross-linked PE Foam products are produced using low density polyethylene resins and expanded using harmless blowing agents. UBEECO’s Polycell PE foam is a lightweight packing material that is non-abrasive, water resistant and importantly.

100% RECYCLABLE when added to standard LDPE plastics recycling programs and is Australian made.

The Polyfoam’s soft texture makes it ideal for packaging solution for highly polished surfaces as well as providing cushioning against shock for fragile items and can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Wrapping
  • Surface protection
  • Stacking
  • Shock absorption
  • Edge protection
  • Void filling

Industry application includes and not limited to:

  • manufacture and packaging,
  • e-commerce,
  • warehouse distribution,
  • marine,
  • automotive sector,
  • food and beverage,
  • agricultural and construction
polyseal foam products

Polyfoam comes in a variety of thicknesses and roll sizes giving customers a greater choice for their packaging requirements.

Like UBEECO’s Polycell  bubble range, PE foam can also be slit and perforated to custom requirements. Pouches, bags or individual cut sheets are also available on request.

Also available is our specialized Polyfoam PE edge protectors. These are available in various profiles to suite a range of corner or edge protection applications like furniture transport, art frame and signage protection, pallet edge protection to name a few.

Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are a cost-effective packaging solution, improving productivity & work-flow. Goods can be easily moved, stored and transported. Its effective design also reduces the possibility of workplace injuries.

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pallet collars australia
pallet collars
pallet collars australia

Mailing Solutions Range

Adhesive Envelopes

The Gusseted range is a strong Kraft mailer used for bulky items like soft toys and clothing. With the durable Kraft material, they’re also a preferred option when protecting corners are important.

The Jiffy Mail Lite tuff all plastic mailers have been designed with strength in mind. You will not have any water damage or tearing concerns when using this durable mailer.

The seams have been welded together with laminating the inner and outer materials together. The lining is smooth making it a easy process in packing your goods inside.

With a huge variety of Jiffy Bags on hand, we’ll be able to help find the right one for you. Other example in the Jiffy range includes:

  • Jiffy Utilty
  • Jiffy Lite
  • Jiffy ShurTuff
  • Jiffy Rigi Bag
  • Jiffy Padded
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Send your books, prints, vinyl records and CDs with our wrap-around cardboard mailer boxes from QIKPAK™. Custom branding available also available.

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Preservation Products Range

If you need to manage moisture and reduce the risk of rust on your cargo load, our preservation products are the perfect solution. They are available in a range of sizes and are economical solution.

silica gel dessicants suppliers
machinery barrier foil

Barrier Foil

Our Barrier Foil bag is the ideal option if you need to target both protection and prevention. It’s state-of-the-art material allows for products to be protected against water vapours as well as other penetrations like odours or UV Radiation.

The Barrier Foil is perfect for those needing long term storage arrangements and anti-rust. They come in roll form and we can custom made bags.

VCI Film Moisture Protection

VCI Film

This product is ideal as it moulds to the contour of your product. With it superior technology, the material serves as a barrier film offering the ultimate protection for metal items. From shipping airplanes, cars, to fire engines, your product will be protected.

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Static Intercept protective shrink film for machinery

Intercept Technology Products

We are an Intercept distributor with qualified & trained staff in these innovative products. Our Intercept Technology product range includes anti-corrosive and anti-static protective packaging films. We are also able produce customer products, PVC covers, pre-made shaped bags plus more.

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Desiccants are the perfect solution to safeguard your product from dew and mould. It is available in a range of sizes and materials, and is one of the more economic solution to curb issues with moisture in your shipment.

silica gel dessicants suppliers
Bentonite Clay desiccant

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay are an ideal, proven solution for corrosion protection. Available in different sizes (125g and 250g), and a cost efficient option for maximum protection. They are to be used in combination with either PE-bags or aluminum barrier bags. Another feature is that are made from natural material and environmentally friendly.

Often used in:

  • Industrial Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Medical packaging  & optical equipment
  • Food