Export Specialists & Expert Project Managementfor all aspects of safe Packing and Shipping

Our specialized export service is the perfect solution
for customers who aren’t equipped to pack and crate their goods for shipment.

We have highly experienced crews that will come to your site and assess your packaging needs, from packing your goods into shipping containers to building customized wooden crates.

As project managers in industrial packaging we’ll work with you to understand any sensitive points of your shipment and be thorough in covering and protecting every aspect of the job. It’s a total service.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – our friendly staff are more than happy to provide you with more details.

Call 1800 147 977 now, to arrange a review of your bottom-line, with a free packing and logistics evaluation.

Watch our video highlighting our Export Packing Expertise.

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Exporting case to singapore

Barrier Foil

Safe Storage Solution

Our Advanced Packaging Systems ensure practical, long-term storage.


  • Premium Protection
  • Avoid Rust
  • Protect Electricals
  • Roll Form or Custom Made Bags

If you are looking for a Premium option in both protection and prevention the Barrier Foil bag is the option for you.

UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions supply barrier foil in roll form and can also custom make bags.

This advanced material not only provides a barrier against water vapours, it offers protection against Transmission Odours, UV Radiation, Acids and Alkalis.

Custom made bags are fitted over your products or machinery. The bag is then vacuum sealed removing the air from your product.

Our Barrier Foil is a 3 layer laminate material consisting Polyester, Aluminium and Polyethylene Films.

Like VCI film, Barrier Foil is the optimum choice for long term storage and anti-corrosion and should be used in conjunction with desiccants.

We have a number of solutions for all budgets, so get in touch today to see how we can help you protect your valuable cargo.

barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services

Container Packing

Export Expertise

We use the Safest and most Correct Methods for Export of Machinery.


  • Available Australia Wide
  • Onsite or Off Site
  • Export Crates
  • Protective Packaging
  • ISPM 15 Certified
  • Project Managers

Need a machine secured and packed onto a shipping container? Do you have multiple machines and parts that need to be safely loaded and containerized?

UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions mobile team have the ability to work on or off site to get your products loaded on time and securely ready for shipment. Whether its 1 or 100 containers needing to be filled we are the team for you.

We have extensive experience in all forms of export packing, we’re not only mindful of how to maximize the pace on your flat rack and 40 footers, but more importantly how to secure them and protect them whilst in transit.

Get in touch with us, so we can take care of your exporting.

export container packing
export container packing
export container packing
export container packing
export container packing
export container packing


Corrosion Protection

Get High-quality Protection with our Dedicated Moisture-control Systems.


  • Economy Solution To Moisture
  • Reduces Risk Of Rust
  • Small Pouches / Container Hangers
  • Stock Sizes Available
silica gel dessicants suppliers

Our specialist consultants can advise you of the best moisture protection method to match the specifications of your product and its transport mode.

If you need to remove moisture from the air and keep your cargo safe from mould and dew, desiccant bags are an ideal choice.

UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions stock and supply desiccants, such as container dry and silica gel.

With desiccants being available in a variety of sizes and materials the experienced Packaging Consultants at UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions can calculate the ideal product and volume to ensure the right method is used to prevent corrosion on your cargo.

Machinery Packing

Safeguarding Your Investment

Customised Logistic Services and all Aspects of Project Management.


  • We Come To You
  • Machinery & Container Packing
  • Export Experts
  • Cases, Crates & Rust Prevention
  • ISPM 15 Certified
  • Project Managers
  • On Site Crate Assembly

Lifting, packing and shipping large machinery is something we’re here to manage for you.

We’ll come out to meet with you and get an understanding of what type of machinery you have. Assess the weak or sensitive areas of the shipment, and be clear on any risks that need to be avoided.

We’ll customize a wooden crate, and calculate the necessary amount of rust preventative solutions. We offer high-quality moisture protection with dedicated wrapping and packaging technology. This includes advanced wrapping of items with our special corrosive-inhibitor plastic and the use of moisture-control systems. We are committed to ensuring that your items will safely arrive at their destinations in the same condition as they left.

Whether its 1 machine or 100 machines, we’re able to project manage this for you from start to end.

It might be straightforward, with our mobile crew being able to assemble a crate on your site, or we can project manage the entire job by arranging cranes and transport to its destination.

Whatever is needed, we will be able to get your machine off on its way, swiftly, safely and securely. We are committed to ensuring that your items will safely arrive at their destinations in the same condition as they left.

Machinery Packing on site
on site Machinery Packing
on site packaging of machinery
Machinery Packing
Machinery Packing

On Site Packing

Expert Assistance

Fast, Efficient Packing Services at our Centre or at Your Site.


  • We Come To You
  • Machinery & Container Packing
  • Export Experts
  • Cases, Crates & Rust Prevention
  • ISPM 15 Certified
  • Project Managers
  • On Site Crate Assembly

With mobile packing trucks as part of our fleet we’re able to come out on your site and pack your machinery Australia Wide.

We have an experienced team if packaging consultants who can come out to inspect the job to see what’s involved. A full measure and quote assessment will be done. It doesn’t have to be a week or month long project; we’re able to quote on jobs of any size.

Perhaps you’ve sold your machinery and need to get it to the buyer, or you’re relocating an entire manufacturing plant. Whatever your reason, give us a call for an obligation free chat about helping you pack and send your product in the safest, most efficient way.

Our years of experience with on-site packing have you totally covered.

on site packing
on site packaging
onsite packing

Transport Services

Wide-Ranging Support

Freight Solutions for Numerous Categories of Projects and Destinations.


  • Door To Door Freight
  • Local & Export Services
  • Onsite & Off Site
  • Australia Wide

As project managers of industrial packaging solutions we offer you comprehensive door-to-door freight services – across the country or across the world. We’ll get you moving with cranes, side loaders, vessels or planes.

This coupled with our crates and onsite packing, will see your equipment arrive safe and sound to its destination. We use only the very best durable, reliable materials across a wide range of applications: timber crates & cases, cartons and boxes made from cardboard, plastic, fibre and wood.

No matter how big or small your project may be, UBEECO™ has the freight solution for you.

We’re here to help. Get in touch with an experienced project manager today.

Timber Packaging for Export
Export Timber Packaging Experts
containers transport services

VCI Film

Moisture Protection


  • Flexible
  • Avoid Corrosion
  • Protect From Moisture
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Toxic Free

VCI stands for “Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting”. It’s a barrier film that isn’t required to have direct contact with the product it is protecting. Whilst it’s a thin material it actually consists of 3 layers of co-extrusion technology.

If you need a flexible film to protect and safeguard your product from corrosion, then the VCI film is what you are looking for. VCI is a stretch film that can be moulded to the contour of your product.

Not only does VCI film assist in removing the air away from your product, there are additives that are released from the film which protects the product it covers from corrosion.

Unlike some materials on the market, UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions VCI film is 100% recyclable and more importantly doesn’t contain copper; keeping it Toxic Free.

Whether you’re shipping overseas, or putting machinery into long term storage, we have a number of solutions we can suggest so get in touch today.

VCI Film Moisture Protection
VCI Film Moisture Protection