We can Design and Tailor a Complete Solutionfor all your Protective Packaging Needs

Protective packaging can mean any number of things,
and how you define it will depend on what sort of protection you require.

We cover all aspects of protective packaging, and can possibly offer options you may never have even considered.

Here below you can check advanced methods of protection for a range of goods. You will find a solution designed to protect your valuable cargo, whether for transit or storage. And we can advise you of the best methods – or combinations of methods – that are tailored to protect specific products like yours.

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Whether it’s reviewing your protective void-fill options, or working out how to keep moisture from damaging your machinery, we’ll have a suite of solutions for you to consider.

Phone us; identify your specific products, shipping/storage method/destination and we’ll run you through the best protective packaging options for your individual needs.

As leaders in our field, we’re constantly adding to our range, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, it doesn’t mean we don’t have it; so get in touch with our packaging experts today. Our highly motivated and skilled design team can tailor a packaging solution to fit any purpose, size or destination to protect your important cargo.

Intercept Technology™

Award-winning protective packaging film

Intercept Technology™ is an award-winning protective packaging film designed to shield reactive materials or products against external elements such as static electricity and humidity which leads to corrosion. Our range includes Corrosion Intercept®, Static Intercept®, RIBS™ M.V.T.R. and Intercept Mineral Preservation System.

Intercept Technology™ products are made with highly reactive copper that is bonded into a polymer structure, creating a strong, protective plastic film. This reactive barrier blocks gases from migrating into the closed packaging while cleansing the air in the enclosed environment as well as preventing galvanic corrosion.


  • Humidity Indicator Kit
  • Easy-to-repair material
  • Attachable zipper, water drain and vent fittings

Our team at UBEECO are especially trained and qualified for the application of Intercept Technology™ products.

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Intercept Technology™ products
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Air Pillow

Bubble Wrap Alternative

Affordable Protective Packaging Safeguards your goods at a Realistic Price.

  • Affordable
  • Maximum Protection & Presentation
  • Space Saving
  • No More Messy Loose Fill
  • Compact Unit Sits On Bench
  • Premium Protection; Budget Cost

If you’re sick of the mess from void fill products, or the room bubble wrap takes up, then this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. ‘AirPillow’ is no longer exclusive to big packing houses. It’s now an affordable option for a small at-home mail order companies, through to huge distribution centres.

It’s a fast, automated inflatable-pillow system that solves the problems of time-consuming void fills. AirPillow units are compact, space-saving and can boost your bottom line by allowing you to ship more products – faster.

With options for small lightweight bench top units or pre filled pillows tailored to your needs, we can work with you to find the best solution to present and protect your shipments. We’re here to protect your investment by ensuring that your product arrives safely and intact.

From small sizes to large sizes – in small or large quantities; we will supply an ‘AirPillow’ packaging solution that’s made for your purpose and designed to fully protect your important cargo.

fill air pack
sac fill air cyclone
air pillow
Air pillow

Bubble Wrap

Many Varieties

Time-Saving Alternatives to Cushion and Protect Fragile Items.


  • Provides cushioning for fragile items.
  • Various styles available; Standard, Anti-Static, Paper Backed, Double Layer and more.
  • Recyclable options available.
  • Stock product, fast turnaround.
  • Australian Made.
  • Buy in bulk and save.
  • Custom print for large volume orders

We all know bubble wrap, but something you may not know is that there’s a large variety of styles to choose from like anti-static, foil lined or even ready to roll. It’s important to discuss your application with a packaging consultant to ensure that you’re getting the right Bubble Wrap products for your purpose and allowing you to ship more items – faster.

Getting the right bubble wrap can not only save you time, but can save your goods from being damaged. So take a look at our videos and get in touch with our team today.

Available products

  • B/W - Ready to Roll Disp Pks - 375mm x 50m - perf. at 500mm
  • Bubblewrap 1500mm x 100m - P10
  • Bubblewrap 1500mm x 100m - P10 ECO
  • Bubblewrap 1500mm x 100m - P20
  • Eco Bubblewrap OXO-Bubble P10 1500mm x 100m BIODEGRADEABLE
  • Eco Bubblewrap OXO-Bubble P20 1500mm x 100m BIODEGRADEABLE
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bubble wrap roll
bubble wrap carton
bubble wrap roll
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Barrier Foil

Top Rust Protection

Ask us about the Correct Solutions for Long Term Storage.


  • Premium Protection
  • Avoid Rust
  • Protect Electricals
  • Roll Form or Custom Made Bags

If you are looking for a Premium option in both protection and prevention, the Barrier Foil bag is the option for you.

UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions supply top-of-the range Barrier Foil in roll form and can also custom make bags.

This advanced material not only provides a barrier against water vapours, it also offers protection against Transmission Odours, UV Radiation, Acids and Alkalis.

Custom made bags are fitted over your products or machinery to totally enclose the units. The bag is then vacuum sealed by removing the air from your product or machinery – providing a moisture-proof seal. We also ensure large valuable machinery is secured and won’t move or rock in transit.

Our Barrier Foil is a 3 layer laminate material consisting of Polyester, Aluminium and Polyethylene Films.

Like VCI film, Barrier Foil is the optimum choice for long term storage and anti-corrosion and is highly effective when used in conjunction with desiccants.

We have a number of protective packing solutions for all budgets and kinds of cargoes, so get in touch today to see how we can help you protect your goods in transit or in storage. Click on the link for more product information.

barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services
barrier foil export services


Foam Bag Protection

Ask about our State-of the Art Void-Fill Product Protection Systems.


  • Premium Void Fill
  • Moulds Around Your Product
  • No Machinery Needed (Instapak Quick)
  • Stock Sizes
Instapak Foam Bag Protection

The Instapak range is a series of foam filled protective bags that provide reliable and time-saving protection. Once activated, they fill up, allowing you to place your item on it. When you add the top bag, the foam then moulds its way completely around your product to protect it from damage.

Originally used in large shippers and distribution centres, Instakpak Quick is now also available in just the right size for small volume use, without the need for machinery. This clever system allows you to activate the foam with your hands without the need of tools.

For larger volume needs or where custom sizing is required, there’s machinery available to efficiently automate the process and deliver what larger operations need.

If you’re looking for more information or you’d like to place and order, get in touch with us today.

Available products

  • #10 - 380mm x 455mm - 180 / Box
  • #20 - 455mm x 455mm - 128 / Box
  • #40 - 455mm x 610mm - 112 / Box
  • #60 - 455mm x 610mm - 104 / Box
  • #80- 560mm x 685mm - 72 / Box
  • Instapak Quick


Moisture Control

Our Consultants can advise correct Desiccant choices and methods.


  • Economy Solution To Moisture
  • Reduces Risk Of Rust
  • Small Pouches / Container Hangers
  • Stock Sizes Available
silica gel dessicants suppliers

A desiccant induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity by absorbing moisture.

If you need to remove moisture from the air and keep your cargo safe from mould and dew, desiccant bags are an ideal choice.

UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions stock and supply specialised desiccants such as container dry and silica gel.

With desiccants being available in a variety of sizes and materials, the experienced Packaging Consultants at UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions can calculate the ideal product and volume to ensure the right method is used to prevent corrosion on your cargo.

New Air Bubble I.B

2 in 1 Protection

Superior Cushioning Protection for Your Valuable Products.


  • Ultimate Bubble Protection
  • Two In One Void Fill & Cushioning
  • On Demand Bubble
  • Reduce Amount Of Packaging
  • Space Saver
sealed air packaging

New Air Bubble I.B® Express is the ultimate in premium protection for bubble wrap and void fill.

new bubble i.bThis product is seen as a two in one, by not only filling the void of your parcels but offering premium protection against damage. It offers a superior shield because of its remarkable resilience under severe conditions. It’s also fast, compact and easy to use.

This ingenious bubble-on-demand innovation from Sealed Air has been designed to save time, space and damage.

We have package deals ready to offer on machine and material set ups, so get in touch today and see how quickly we can get the solution into your warehouse: 1800 147 977

Available products

  • 400mm x 610m - 30mm Bubble
  • 400mm x 762m - 10mm Bubble
  • 800mm x 610m - 30mm Bubble
  • 800mm x 762m - 10mm Bubble
  • New Air I.B Express System Unit

VCI Film

Corrosion Shield

UBEECO™ Offers a Wide Range of Corrosion-Inhibitor Systems and Product Advice.


  • Flexible
  • Avoid Corrosion
  • Protect From Moisture
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Toxic Free

VCI is a stretch film that can be moulded to the contour of your product.

VCI stands for: Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting. This is a barrier film that isn’t required to have direct contact with the product it is protecting. It’s a thin material that actually consists of 3 layers of co-extrusion technology. VCI corrosion inhibitor films are among the most effective solutions for corrosion protection for metal items. They are easy to apply, and are available in a wide range of shapes so they can be adjusted to the specific needs of your products.

If you need a flexible film to protect and safeguard your product from corrosion, then the VCI film is what you are looking for.

Not only does VCI film assist in removing the air away from your product, but it contains additives that are released from the film which protects the product it covers from corrosion.

Whether you’re shipping overseas, or putting machinery into long term storage, we have a number of solutions we can suggest, so get in touch today.

VCI Film Moisture Protection
VCI Film Moisture Protection

Void Fill


An Environmentally Friendly Bio-Degradable Product for Low-Cost Protection.


  • Environmentally Friendly Options
  • Can Be Bulk Filled
  • Affordable
  • Australian Made

Some people call these peanuts, or popcorn, but its industry term is Void Fill. It’s used to fill the empty space in your cartons and pad the product inside. Void fill can be supplied in 400L bags or bulk filled straight into a hopper.

It’s manufactured from an environmentally-friendly material that dissolves in water, as well as do the original polystyrene chips.

Talk to our sales consultant to discuss the best void fill solution for you.

Our many protective packaging options give UBEECO™ a distinct advantage in the marketplace with a broader and more convenient selection to protect your important cargo from corrosion and damage during storage and shipping.

Available products

  • Eco Friendly - 400l
  • Polystyrene - 400l
void fill eco friendly greenpak
void fill eco friendly