What’s Better: Plastic Pallets Or Timber Pallets?

Deciding whether Plastic or Timber Pallets are better depends on various factors for everyone.
The answer mainly depends on the use of the pallets so it will benefit you to take these applications into consideration.

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Shipping locally or exporting overseas?

When you export timber pallets you’ll need to ensure that the pallets are ISPM 15 certified. No big deal – but it’s another lot of paper work to fill in. Plastic pallets are ready to be exported as they are.

Is your freight charged by weight?

Plastic pallets are significantly lighter than timber and will cost you less to send when the overall weight is taken into consideration (such as Air Freight).

Which size pallet do you need?

If you require specific measurements outside the standard sizes we offer – timber pallets would be more suitable. They can be custom made to any size and manufactured within a few days. Plastic pallets have standard sizes and can’t be modified unless there’s a significant volume required.

Do you need to wash and reuse them?

Plastic pallets would be the best option if reusing pallets require a clean slate or need to meet hygiene requirements. They’re easy to wash and clean, and lasts for almost a decade if it’s cared for and handled properly. On the other hand, timber pallets can be reused over time but can’t be cleaned.

What weight does it need to hold?

Timber pallets are more flexible as they can be custom made to carry the weight according to your product’s needs – whether it’s a ‘lightweight’ 300kg or a heavy duty 30-tonne load. For lighter weight: some heavy duty plastic pallets can hold up to 2 tonnes.

Do you want to pay less upfront?

If initial costs are key: the cheaper option would be timber pallets. Though, it’s best to take into consideration the benefits of investing in quality and long-term use rather than having initial costs as your defining method of choosing between plastic and timber.

Still Unsure?

If you’ve chosen a type based on one or a couple of these points but it doesn’t fully meet your other requirements – our team is more than experienced to give you a hand and work with you in selecting the best choice for you and its use. Best of all, we have highly competitive rates for both options and can supply you along the Eastern Seaboard, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help.