4 Things You Need To Know About Die Cut Cartons

There’s no doubt – Die Cut Cartons look great, especially if they’re used as gift boxes. They can enhance product presentation and ultimately improve your branding. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you choose this medium.

die cut carton

What is a Die Cut Carton and why choose it?

A die cut carton has self-locking flaps, walls that fold into each other without the need of tape and/or shapes cut out of the board.

Consider the positive impressions die cut cartons can make on your customers when choosing this type of packaging as the sleek and clean design can add character to your branding. Our die cut cartons are Australian-made, 100% recyclable, and can be custom-made.

How much do Die Cut Cartons cost?

The set up costs to make them can start at around $650. This is because die-cutting requires a ‘tooling’ charge but, it also varies depending on the size of the box, detail and the run size. Choosing this type of packaging can be a good investment for your business if you’re needing to improve your branding.

Run Size – What is the starting amount?

This is no different to any custom-made carton; the more you buy – the better the price will be. As a rule of thumb: 500 is the starting point to get your money’s worth. If this amount is too much, 50 could be feasible but the price wouldn’t be economical.

Stock Sizes

Some carton manufacturers will have a range of ‘stock’ cartons available. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to range a size that meets everyone’s requirements. But, it’s worth asking the questions before you invest in tooling. At UBEECO, we may have some stock sizes left of certain die cut cartons such us our QIKPACK™ mailing cartons.

So, whether you want custom-made or something in stock – UBEECO is more than happy to consult about your options. Contact us today!