Packaging Options For: Australia Post Large Letter Rate

Your choice in packaging needs to be on point when it comes to meeting the Australia Post rates.
There’s little to no tolerance with the size parameters they set.

mailing solutions and parcels

Your item must easily drop through the postage gauge without assistance. To achieve the Large Letter Rate you cannot exceed the following dimensions and weight:

260mm x 360mm x 20mm – No more than 500g

Letter Gauge Australia PostThe reason this is important to pay attention to is to make sure you don’t over pay on postage costs. Achieving this size gauge means you will only pay $3.00 for items less than 250g.  Stepping outside of these parameters will incur a massive price jump to $7.95! So if you can get to this size, it’s well worth the effort.

We have a number of solutions available to assist with achieving the Large Letter Rate. The results vary depending on application.

Here are some of our solutions:

Jiffy Bag

The simple ShurTuf® mailer is a strong and durable satchel type mailer. It meets the budget price range of $0.10-$0.15 each (depending on volume). The only down side to this mailer is that it doesn’t offer any protection. So it may not be suitable for all applications. We’d suggest this would be fine for soft items, or items that are pre packed and just need a jacket to carry the mailing details. Standard  sizes include;

190mm x 260mm

250mm x 325mm

Lil Packaging Mailer

This is a quality self-adhesive cardboard envelope.  This is a medium price point with plenty of protection from the durable kraft board. The size options are fantastic with three suitable sizes, the largest one leaving plenty of room to fit through the gauge. Minimum orders may apply, so get in touch for a customized quote.

180mm x 164mm

235mm x 180mm

352mm x 249mm


Qikpak is a premium mailing solution. These self-adhesive mailers are made from corrugated board offer optimum protection and presentation. Being made from E-Flute means it is a thicker packaging option to the Jiffy Bag or Lil Packaging Mailers. With this in mind, the item you’re shipping needs to be relatively thin so that the overall thickness is maintained at 20mm. We have 2 sizes in the range to meet the Large Letter Rate;

145mm x 130mm

260mm x 150mm

As you can see, there are a number of solutions to consider. The right option really depends on your application and budget. We’re happy to help you weigh them all up. Our team of  experienced people are ready to assist you over the phone, or face to face so get in touch with our Head Office today on 1800 147 977.