Wooden Box For Shipping Machinery

Whether you’ve sold your machine locally or overseas, it may seem a little daunting
to think about the best methods in arranging a Wooden Box For Shipping Machinery safely to the buyer.

There’s a number of wooden boxes to choose from, whether it’s a Case, Crate, or Plywood Airfreight box. The style to use will depend on your application.

Don’t let the style of wooden box, the size of the machine or destination overwhelm you. There’s packaging companies like us that are here to take care of this for you. We’ll come out and measure your machinery, we’ll look at any fragile or delicate areas, where additional support is needed, where the overall weight is, and what sort of journey it’s going on.

Our job is to ensure you have a Wooden Box that’s not only a perfect fit, but a complete solution in getting your machine to its destination in the same condition it left in.

We have been building Wooden Boxes for Shipping Machinery for almost 50 years. We know that not every job is as simple as us delivering you a wooden box. So if getting a shipping box isn’t enough and you’d like your machinery packed on your behalf, we have a mobile packing crew that can take care of this for you.

Depending on the job, we generally have the case flat packed in kit form and delivered to the site. We can coordinate the transport and moving equipment like Cranes & Frenners to be on site and make it a smooth job from beginning to end.

If you’ve got the knowledge and man power, we can kit you up with the flat packed case as well as the necessary materials you need to get the job done. We’re experts when it comes to exporting, and where here to make this easier for you, so get in touch with our team today on 1800 147 977 or sales@ubeeco.com.au and let us manage your next packaging project.

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