Wooden Box For Shipping Machinery

It can become a daunting task to ship heavy-duty machinery locally – let alone overseas – and the arrangements needed for the best method.

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large machinery wooden boxes
large wooden box machinery

Choose UBEECO for Machinery Shipping

There’s a large number of wooden boxes to choose from: cases, crates and plywood (the best option for airfreight). The style to choose will depend on your application. Lucky for you, this all doesn’t have to be too overwhelming; there are packaging companies like UBEECO that will take care of it for you. We have been building wooden boxes for shipping machinery for over 50 years; we know that every job isn’t as simple as delivering a wooden box to you. Our job is to ensure that you have a Wooden Box that’s not only a perfect fit, but a complete solution in getting your machine to its destination in the same condition as it left in.

On-Site Packing

Depending on the job – we can pack on your site if shipping to our warehouse would be difficult or, you can even have the kit sent to you flat-packed. We have a mobile packing crew who will first come out and measure your machinery’s dimensions and weight, and assess any fragile or delicate details as well as the type of freight/journey it will be on. Then, we take all of this information back to the warehouse and prepare the materials needed to fully pack your machinery on your site. Otherwise, if you’ve already got the skills and man-power to build it, we can send the wooden case kit to you – which is generally flat-packed, once we get all the dimensions from you. We can even coordinate the transport and moving equipment like Franna cranes to be on-site to make it a smooth job – beginning to end.

We’re experts when it comes to exporting, and we’re here to make the process easier for you. Get in touch with our team today and let us manage your next packaging project.