Which Plastic Crate Do I need?

If you’re after Plastic Crates but don’t know which option is best for you, UBEECO will help point you to the right direction.

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Types of Crates

When looking for a plastic crate, you should start by having a check list of criteria that’s important to you. Usually, this would include considering the size, style, capacity, and of course – its use. Here are some other aspects to consider when making your selection:


A solid crate is completely sealed all the way around and isn’t collapsible. Ideally, this should be your choice of crate if you require one that stops all moisture or liquid from escaping. One of the more common styles we have at UBEECO is our Nally Mega Bin, which measures at 1162 x 1162 x 780; with a 2-way entry and can hold up to 780L.


Some crates can be designed with air vents. If you need a crate for storing fruit – you may need to have air circulation to suit its storage needs or if you just need your items to cool faster. This is when a vented bin/crate is the ideal option. Our 4-way entry UBEECO Bins are 1200 x 1000 x 760 and can hold a static weight of up to 4000kg. These crates come with the option of vent covers to protect the grate which stops the air flow (however, this does not make it water proof).


Oz Crate is the most common plastic crate we sell. It’s a 4-way entry crate which folds down to 300mm and can take up to 700L or up to 3000kg of static weight. Its dimensions are 1162 x 1162 x 785 and it comes vented; you can also purchase vent covers to reduce air flow – if need be.

At UBEECO, all of the Plastic Crates/Plastic Bins we carry come with the option of buying a lid to suit, covers for vents (for the vented option), and wheels (in some cases).

Overwhelmed with options? Give us a call! We’ve got a team of experienced packaging experts ready to help you work out what the best solution is for your budget and application.