Where Can I Get A Spill Containment Pallet?

If you’re after a spill containment pallet – you’ve come to the right place.

drums on spill contaiment pallet
assembling spill containment pallet

Our Unique Spill Containment Pallet Model

UBEECO manufactures and supplies a wide range of pallets – from wooden to plastic pallets. Our spill containment pallets meet industry standards and hold a capacity of 225L; we can also supply larger sizes upon request.

The model we supply is quite unique in that it is a two-part set; normally, it’s one complete unit. The first part is made of our standard 1100 x 1100 grill top pallet which sits inside the second part: the spill containment tray. This has 3 separate compartments that contain the spills. Because it comes in two parts, it gives you a couple of advantages: the trays can be separated to stack and nest each one onto one another to save space. Another pro is that if one tray breaks, you don’t need to replace the whole unit; you can just replace either one. As with all pallets made with plastic, they are reusable, can easily be cleaned and last up to more than 10 years if handled with care.

If this model is completely new to your business and would like to use it going forward, we’re more than happy to give you a demonstration and assess its compatibility to your operational needs.

A Multipurpose Pallet

Looking for standard pallets instead? Our 1100 x 1100 grill top which is used to make up a spill containment pallet can also be used as a pallet on its own – if you don’t need to contain any spills. We supply a variety of other plastic pallets for export and racking that have a static weight rating from 1000kg to 3000kg, depending on the type. They come as a grill or smooth top, have a 4-way forklift entry and in the sizes 1100 x 1100 or 1200 x 800.

Our team at UBEECO is made up of packaging experts so if you need us to come to you for a demonstration of our spill containment pallets, want to order or simply inquire about how we can help your business’s operational and packaging needs – we can help you. Ring us or send us an email today.

black spill containment compartment