Where Can I get A Spill Containment Pallet

Choosing a method of storage for drums of liquid isn’t something that you can take lightly.
Whether you’re storing chemicals, oil, or wine, you need to have a safe way to contain any potential spills

eco spill containment pallet

Our spill containment pallets meet industry standards, and hold a capacity of 225L (larger sizes are available on request). There are 3 separate compartments in the containment tray to contain the spills.

The model we sell is quite unique in being a 2 part set. Normally it is one complete unit. The UBEECO Spill Containment Pallet uses our standard 1100 x 1100 grill top pallet which then sits inside the spill containment tray itself. The major advantage here is not just having the ability to replace either the top or bottom but also being able to nest and stack the trays into one another saving space!

If this is a new direction your business is going in, and you feel like a demonstration is in order, just let us know. One of our experienced packaging experts can drop in when it suits you and show you the benefits.

We’ve got incredibly competitive rates on offer that you must see so get in touch with us today. You can call us on 1800 147 977 or email sales@ubeeco.com.au we look forward to being able to help you with finding the right packaging solution, whatever that is. We don’t just sell containment pallets; we have a range of plastic pallets and crates in stock as well as the ability to manufacture timber alternatives. So get in touch to have a chat about all of your packaging options today.