Think Inside The Wooden Box: Options For a Complete Packaging Solution

Regardless of how long you’ve been buying Wooden Boxes, you may find that there’s one more thing you could add
to make life easier and keep your shipment safer.

large wooden case with vci machinery
custom large wooden case


Depending on the application, you may want to consider something that is more than just a box. Adding a variety of protection methods for the goods you’re using it for gives you a complete solution for your packaging needs. Two of the key areas that you need to consider is the shape of your product and how it will be protected from the exposure to conditions during shipping. Shape plays a big influence on whether or not the contents will be held upright so, here are a few options to consider adding to wooden box packaging for extra support and protection:

  • Protective Films (such as Barrier Foils and VCI Films): Especially for machinery or any other materials susceptible to corrosion; these wrap around the product which creates resistance against moisture and other environmental conditions.

  • Foam: Using this as lining inside prevents friction between the wooden box itself and the product and cushions the contents, preventing dents and scratches


  • Other external accessories: Anything as simple as handles or wheels can make all the difference to make transportation easier and safer.

  • Support Table: Using the method of ‘chocking’ and ‘blocking’, a support table is built up under machinery to help with balance and strength
  • Journals: These are layers of timber or plywood nailed or laminated together with a cut-out semicircle to the size needed.

Styles of Wooden Boxes

When you buy a wooden box for shipping something important – it’s beneficial to think inside the box every now and then. You don’t want to walk away from having to rework the box yourself; we’re here to do that for you. Here, at UBEECO, we manufacture a range of styles such as:

We can tailor them according to your protection needs. No matter how simple or complicated – we can take care of it all for you. After all, we’re Australia’s leading packaging solutions company.