Custom Made Boxes – Avoid Set Up Charges

Custom-made boxes for shipping are essential for many businesses but can end up being a hefty investment.

Regular Slotted Carton cardboard box

When looking for packaging with a sleek design – most businesses will opt out for Die Cut Boxes which come with a huge price tag. Although this can be a good investment for your business as it improves customer experience and adds detail to your branding, there are other options you can also consider without having to compromise your product presentation.

The Costs

Why do custom-made boxes such as the Die Cut cost so much and is it really worth the investment? It’s not so much the material that brings the price tag higher; it’s the production. There is a set-up charge that requires special knives and machinery to create the shapes; this is known as tooling.

What should your budget be?

For a basic, small design alone – we recommend giving a budget of $800 to $1400. You get a handful of benefits from this investment, though: when your product is received by your customer – instantly, they are greeted with a sleek and professional-looking package (assuming that your postal service takes good care during its transit!). Because it’s custom-made – your product sits nicely in the box without having the need to fill in so much void. As mentioned earlier, custom-made boxes can really contribute to your branding by making a good impression, even before your customer sees the product itself.

If this style isn’t a must for your business and just need your product to arrive to your customer securely – RSC or 5PF boxes are the most common styles that can be made to measure without the need for tooling. They can do the job as well as die-cut ones can and won’t break the bank as much.

Types of custom-made cardboard boxes

Die Cut Carton

A Die Cut Carton is a highly-customisable box that is – as what its name suggests – cut in a die layout. The shape is tailored so that there’s little to no need in using tacky-looking sticky tape to hold its structure.

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

A Regular Slotted Carton is a standard style of cardboard box that has flaps that need to be taped, both at the top and the bottom. Even though it’s not as sophisticated-looking as a die-cut, it’s the more cost-effective option and easiest style to source stock sizes for; it’s also durable and reliable.

Five Panel Folder (5PF)

Another economical alternative you have is the Five Panel Folder which is an open flat box with fold/score lines to form the shape. This type of box is the better choice for packing longer items. There would be size limitations, though, so this is an option requires you to work closely with your supplier.

UBEECO can sort all of this out for you and advise you on the best option for your application needs. Give us a call or send us an email to help you avoid unnecessary set up charges.