3 Tips to Cheap Cardboard Boxes

Buying in bulk is the obvious way to save. But its easier said than done.
Space is something that often has more value than the potential savings a bulk purchase can offer.
So how else can you save?

1 – Buy Stock Cartons

Using something that’s in stock is a great way to save. Whether you buy from a manufacturer or reseller you will see substantial savings compared to the same size as a custom run. Ring around looking for a cardboard box supplier with a stock size closest to what you need, and be prepared to compromise on that size along the way. Another advantage to buying something in stock is being able to achieve this savings when buying only 25 or 50 units.

2 – Ask About Clearance Stock

You can be pretty confident you’ll get a “yes” when you call a carton manufacturer/reseller to see if that have any clearance or obsolete stock. The nature of our industry sees us having excess stock of print errors or overruns. Just like stock cartons, you need to be prepared to compromise a little and get something as close to what you want as possible. The savings are normally well below cost and worth considering as an option.

3 – Get A Package Deal

Bundle your packaging needs together. Finding a supplier that can sell you more than just a cardboard box is a great way to put yourself in a position to negotiate. Whether you need protective bubble wrap, packaging tape or a range of carton sizes, you can achieve an overall savings by bringing them all together with one supplier.

Keeping these options in mind should help you get better pricing, especially for small order requirements. But something as simple as picking up the phone rather than trying to farm out quotes via email is a great way to be clear on what your budget is and how your supplier can help make that happen.

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