Finding Cheap Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are already cheap if you get standard, off-the-shelf styles and sizes; custom-made ones are another story.
So, if you’re only after a bargain – read on!

cardboard box sizes

How To Find A Bargain

Look at Clearance Stock

UBEECO is a packaging solutions company of all sorts which means we manufacture and supply a tonne of different types of boxes, pallets , protective film… the list goes on. The nature of our industry leads us to have overstock due to print errors or overruns – this is where your bargain supply will come from.

You’ll have to be flexible with your needs, though, because the sizes we have available aren’t consistent or predictable. On the other hand, you don’t have to compromise on quality: the clearance cartons we have are of great quality already and are originally sold for much more than their clearance price. Either way, you can be sure to secure cardboard boxes for 50 cents or less on any day of the week with clearance stock.

Buy Stock Cartons

Using something that a supplier already has in stock is a great way to save. Whether you buy from a manufacturer or reseller, you’re bound to see substantial savings compared to a custom-made carton in the same size. Your best bet is to call your supplier and to also be prepared to compromise with the size that you need. This option would come as an advantage for you even if you’re only after 50 or 20 units.

Get a Package Deal

Find a supplier who you’re able negotiate with and can get a bundle that includes all your packaging needs. Whether you need protective bubble wrap, packaging tape or a range of carton sizes – you can achieve an overall savings by sourcing them all together from one supplier.

These tips should help you get better pricing for your cardboard box needs, especially for small order requirements. To help you get quotes faster – it’s better to pick up the phone and ring your supplier rather continuing on email thread after email thread. This way, there will be a clear understanding between you and your supplier about your budget and any other packaging solutions that you need. UBEECO is always happy to pick up your call so, ring us now!