Cardboard Box – We Answer Your Number One Question

The number one question we get about Cardboard Boxes is: What’s The Lead Time?

Urgent Cardboard Boxes and Cartons

The short first response is that Lead times can vary, depending on what you’re ordering and how many you need. But we’ll try to understand how urgent your needs are and what we can do in the time you have available. So how much time do you have?

Urgent/ Next Day

YES, it’s possible to get cartons the next day, most suppliers will have a range of Stock Cartons that can be picked up or even delivered very quickly.

Less Than A Week

Short runs of basic types of boxes like an RSC or FPF can take less than a week to manufacture. This would be best suit volumes of 1 – 200 units and might come and a higher price depending on how they’re made.

2 Weeks

If you’re looking for a basic style box, like an RSC or FPF you won’t need to wait much more than 2 weeks. Size and quantity may make this vary. 10 -15 working days is a good guide.

3 Weeks

If you need a die cut or printed carton, the wait time is a little longer. There will be tooling and or plates that need to be made and added to the lead time.

Needless to say you’ll be in a better position with more time on your hands, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get what you need when time has run out.

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