Choosing a Cardboard Box Supplier in Sydney

Finding a supplier in Sydney to manufacture custom-made boxes isn’t – and shouldn’t be – a hard task.
Even if you need as few as 100 custom-made boxes, you will find a number of us ready to help make that happen.

We always aim to help our customers in any way we can. To make the processes of sourcing cardboard smoother for you, we’ve listed a few questions to consider:

Do you need a fast turnaround?

Consider a supplier that carries cartons as a stock line if you need them urgently because some cartons can take up to 3 weeks to produce; be prepared to be flexible if a fast turnaround is your priority. We can produce short runs within a couple of days, but this type of order comes at a premium.

What is your budget

What is your budget? The cost of manufacturing custom-made boxes is usually the main concern for most of our clients. The budget you have in mind is important for us to be able to establish whether or not we can meet your expectations. It’s always beneficial to not have a locked price then and there as there might options on the table that may require you to re-evaluate your investment.

Which style of box do you need?

Having an idea of the style of the box you’d like or need is another key factor in determining who your choice of supplier is, especially in Sydney where there is an array of options. Knowing the style of box you need is also an important factor in selecting the right supplier in Sydney. You’re best bet is to search for a supplier that specialises in a specific style or design – if you’re after a certain look. We have a huge list of Cardboard Carton types and designs to choose from.

How many boxes are you after?

If you require less than 200 units, then getting something custom-made isn’t likely to be the most cost-effective solution. It can be done, but not all suppliers will have the capabilities to do this for you. At UBEECO, we do things differently: we can work with you to custom-make as few as one cardboard box! We have a range of stock cartons on hand to take the limit off your options.

These tips should help get you on your way to sourcing Cardboard Boxes in Sydney, but we know it’s always helpful to talk things over. Give our helpful team a call today and let us know how we can help.