What is a Standard Cardboard Box?

‘Standard’ doesn’t necessarily mean one, global standard. Various suppliers can have their own versions of standard cardboard boxes depending on the industry they supply to.

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One supplier’s ‘standard’ box may differ from another by their card stock and even size; ‘cardboard’ as a category alone widens the definition of ‘standard’ even more! At UBEECO, we generally find that people are after off-the-shelf standard which entails that there’s no need for tooling nor any set-up costs attached to it.

The Common ‘Standard’

The most common style of carton that is off-the-shelf is the RSC: Regular Slotted Carton. It’s probably the most recognised type of box: flaps are on the top and bottom that need to be taped, and comes in a range of sizes ranging from a tiny 200mm x 200mm x 200mm to a 2000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm box. Whilst they’re not as sophisticated-looking as other types, RSC’s can be beneficial for your packaging solution as it is cost-effective.

At UBEECO, we have low minimum orders (we can manufacture as few as 50 units!), they’re Australian-made, and 100% recyclable! We have a range of stock sizes of RSC’s available in quantities as few as 100 units: 

  • Stock #2 – 305mm x 215mm x 270mm 
  • Stock #3 – 305mm x 215mm x 225mm 
  • Stock #4 – 305mm x 215mm x 165mm 
  • Stock #5 – 305mm x 215mm x 110mm 
  • Stock #6 – 430mm x 310mm x 265mm 
  • Stock #7 – 430mm x 310mm x 165mm 
  • Stock #8 – 435mm x 410mm x 600mm

Other Options

If an element of our RSC’s doesn’t suit your needs – whether it be the material, size, or shape: we also custom-make cartons to suit your product, adding an extra characteristic to your company branding and ultimately enhancing customer experience. 

We’re made up of packaging experts. Any doubts with your choice of packaging solution – we’re always one phone call away to help you.