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Custom branded packaging: Why go with Litho Laminating?

Many would believe that getting the attention of the everyday consumer has never been easier thanks mostly to the abundance of social media platforms. However, it isn’t all rosy for companies, as genuinely retaining customers’ attention and translating that to sales can prove to be a real struggle. This is where classic lithographic (litho) packaging can play a critical role in getting your brand and business noticed.  Let’s explore this further…

To expand, the digital world is a constant buzz of activity, all trying to capture the consumer’s attention from interactive banners to animated gifs, or high-end mini videos – to ultimately get that sale. It is no surprise many consumers feel overwhelmed with this constant activity and digital marketing. Given that, companies should also be looking at existing opportunities to strengthen their outreach and promote and maintain their brand.

Lithographic printing customised boxes

Getting your brand noticed and remembered

You might be asking what do we mean by existing opportunities? The answer is packaging: customised packaging actually. In our highly digital world, packaging is something tangible, it is prime real estate, your real estate. You not only have control over its look (more on this below) but the customer sees this and needs to physically open it to retrieve the product.

Okay, what does litho offer? Litho laminated packaging achieves an excellent quality end-product and print result, which is just what is needed for company branding and advertising. Companies are able to select desired colours and print finishes, as well as add their logo and other related company messaging. It is also available in all packaging styles, from self-locking trays and crash lock bottoms to name a couple. This level of quality means you are further strengthening your brand and ensuring your business is remembered by the consumer. As research indicates, we know that people are naturally attracted to visuals, compared to plain packages with text only. Ensuring your product is packaged using effective colours and graphics, and is overall visually attractive, entices consumers to your product compared with other packaging that is text heavy or overall plain and dull.

It is no surprise that many businesses in large and prominent sectors use lithographic print to package their products. This includes pharmaceutical and food & beverage packaging for industrial or the retail sector.

Print finishes:

  • Matt Laminated,
  • Gloss Varnish,
  • Semi-gloss Varnish,
  • Scratch proof Matt Laminated,
  • Spot UV

Packaging Styles:

  • Self-locking trays,
  • Crash lock bottoms & tuck in tops,
  • Aero and reverse tuck cartons,
  • 4 corner cut glued,
  • PVC window faced cartons

Packaging versatility and affordability

Some of you may be asking: does visually customising your packaging, using litho laminating, compromise sturdiness or quality?

These factors have an equally critical role for the end product – especially considering that any type of packaging should protect and support your product, as well as survive transportation and delivery.

Litho laminating boxes makes all this possible! It provides all these strengths and qualities. Its use across multiple industries and packaging applications highlights its versatility. Suitable for both heavy and lightweight products, with volume being no issue, these qualities make for an extremely cost-effective option and company investment.

Whether your product is scented candles, craft vinegar or home improvement parts, no matter the purpose, litho is the perfect solution for companies, small or large or everything in between.


  • Sturdiness
  • From lightweight to heavy products
  • Excellent quality product and print
  • Economical – print tooling and die formes
  • Pricing competitive for a range of packaging styles (i.e. smaller cartons, solid carton board and corrugated)
  • Plus more...

Next steps

With companies devoting resources on finding unique ways to grasp and maintain the consumer’s attention in the digital environment, they also need to apply similar attention to branding their packaging. In today’s market, it is all about the consumer experience.

Litho laminated packages enables companies to almost effortlessly and cost-effectively promote their brand in a continuous and truly tangible way, using what we now consider old or rather traditional methods. It creates a direct connection between your brand and your customers, putting it straight into their hands. Put simply, it is the experience of when the customer receives the customised package, but also in the wow factor when they open the box.

branded packaging boxes melbourne
Litho Rigid customised melbourne packaging

This wow factor not only strengthens your brand with repeat sales, it can generate new business through the power of word-of-mouth.

So, you really don’t have any reason to delay getting this done. Does your current product packaging stack up?

To learn more on Litho laminating, please contact our experts today, we can work with you to enhance your customers’ experience by strengthening your customised packaging and overall brand.


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