Protective Packaging – What Are The Options?

Did you know that you have more options beyond the traditional bubble wrap and loose void fill?

bubble wrap and loose void fill

The Importance of Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is important when transporting your products to your customers. They prevent damages and help keep the goods in the same condition as they left. Traditionally, bubble wrap and loose void fill are used in packaging to protect contents during shipment. With so many options on the market, it’s safe to say that there will be one that’s more suitable than the other for your application. However, there are some cons for these products: using high-volume of bubble wrap can take up a considerable amount of space on your warehouse floor while loose void fills can make a huge mess and take up space as well.

Packaging solutions should also take into consideration the customer’s experience and the impression you want to make about your business. That’s why we have on offer Sealed Air’s range of packaging solutions. Thankfully, they have developed products that save you room as well as provide premium quality of protection.

Types of Protective Void-Fill

Air I.B

Think of this product as a premium bubble wrap. Air Bubble I.B doesn’t only fill the void of your parcels, but it also delivers superior shield against damage. It saves an incredible amount of space in your warehouse as it is a system that creates bubble wrap when you need it.

Fill-Air System

We understand the annoyance loose void fill can create, both for the warehouse and customers. We recommend Sealed Air’s Fill-Air Rocket Inflatable Packaging System – made up by two parts: the Fill-Air machine and a roll plastic film which comes in a variety of sizes.

The Fill-Air machine inflates plastic film to create a train of air pillows where you can then instantly fill your package with as many as you need. Watch the demo.


Korvvu is a unique type of packaging that looks sleek and eliminates the mess that loose void fills would otherwise make. These are carton boxes with plastic film inserts that act as a cradle for your products which prevents shock damage.


At UBEECO, we also offer other options to protect and complete your packaging solutions. Check out our Protective Films page or get in touch with our experienced staff to see which product suits your packaging needs.