Affordable Price Premium Protection

Fill Air / Air Pillow is an affordable option with a premium look.

air pillowIf you’re in a warehouse that uses void fill, there’s no doubt you’re surrounded in the mess that it creates. Whilst loose void fill has its place, the Fill Air System has given the packaging industry a new way to look at filling the empty space inside your cartons.

If you don’t like seeing loose void fill scattered all over your warehouse or packing room, then imagine what your customers experience is like when they open your parcel.

It’s not necessarily environmental concerns pushing for new options, it’s more about the customer experience and the impression you’re making.

There’s no doubt that the Fill Air System is a more impressive void fill to see when you receive your goods, and what’s even better for you is that this product is produced “On Demand” so you can do away with massive hoppers or bulky bags being moved around.

Our experienced team can come out on site and help you asses the value that this system can give your business.

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