Affordable Price, Premium Protection With Fill-Air

Sealed Air delivers affordable packaging protection with a premium look.

protective air pillow

Innovative Design by Sealed Air

If you’re in a warehouse that uses loose void fill, you already very familiar with the mess that they create. Sealed Air’s Fill-Air Rocket Inflatable Packaging System is an affordable option with a premium look. Whilst loose void fill has been the industry standard for years, the Fill-Air System has been making its way into changing the way businesses fill voids in their carton box shipping. Not only takes away the hassle of cleaning up scattered loose void fill in your packing room or warehouse, it also gives your shipping a whole new look. 

Fill-Air System

The Fill-Air System is made up by two components: the Fill-Air machine and a roll plastic film which comes in a variety of sizes – all of which only take up a small and compact area. After mounting the roll of plastic film, the machine then inflates it, creating a train of air pillows to instantly fill the void in your package.

Think about your customers’ experience: when they receive and open their parcel – seeing their product neatly packed makes a positive impression on your brand. The Fill-Air System is definitely the more impressive void fill to see when you receive your goods, and, what’s even better is that you – yourself – can produce this product on demand. No more massive hoppers or bulky bags involved! 

Our experienced team can come out on site and help you assess the value that this system can give your business. Improve your branding now with this one, small change. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help. We also have other protective packaging solutions available; check out our website for more information.