Bubble Wrap – How Is It Made?

Have you ever wondered how Bubble Wrap was made?
It may come as a surprise that it was actually developed by accident.

bubble wrap sealed air

The original concept of creating this bubble film was none other than “Wall Paper”. That’s right, wall paper! Can you imagine walking into a house lined in bubble. It would be fun, but far from being practical.

Engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes knew they had stumbled on a great design even if it couldn’t be used as wall paper. Their next attempt for giving this bubble plastic a market was in greenhouse insulation, which when you think about it, its quite brilliant. But nothing could have prepared them for the success that followed when they launched into the protective packaging industry. Sealed Air was founded in 1960 and Bubble Wrap™ was born!

Take a tour of sealed air and check out this video showing how Bubble Wrap is made.