Shipping & storage protection is a Rap!

A major distribution announcement gets a big response!

“Imagine wrapping and transporting an aircraft, a yacht, a truck, a train, mining equipment – or even a box of cut flowers for export!” says Roger Till, MD of Integra Packaging. “We can cover them all with an appropriate product, then shrink-wrap to size” he says.

Boom product

Integra Packaging has announced an agreement with Australian company Under-Raps™ to distibute a revolutionary protective wrapping technology with broad-range application. Corrosion Intercept® & Static Intercept® contain anti-corrosive, anti-static properties in a patented technology which will serve an enormous range of transport and storage applications for our customers, particularly in the current resource boom environment.

Protective WrappingProtective Technology

Corrosion Intercept® and other variants is particularly useful for transport and storage and have a purpose & technology with important properties needed by domestic and export customers:

  • heat-shrink plastic film / patented copper polymer material
  • wraps almost any size
  • anti-corrosive
  • anti-mould/mildew
  • resistant to ultraviolet radiation for at least 12 months
  • suitable for re-cycling and incineration

Under cover!

In many mine sites in the WA northwest, you’re likely to see ghostly white objects being transported or sitting in storage yards. Covered in white plastic film, these objects are better protected than they would be under a traditional tarpaulin covering. For transport and storage applications, large sheets of heat shrink plastic film provide a simple to apply, yet robust packaging solution for all types of items, large and small.

Roger Till says “we can cover items ranging from specialized technical and medical instruments through to large vibrating screens for ore processing and large mobile drilling rigs. We can cover virtually anything.”

Hi-tech solution

Integra Packaging uses Intercept® Corrosion Control plastic films. The Intercept® technology using micro copper particles bound in a copper-polymer, was developed by the then Bell Laboratories in the US for the storage and transport of electronic equipment.

These films use patented copper-polymer materials to provide safe and effective corrosion control for all metals when sealed inside a layer of the film. The copper acts similarly to a sacrificial anode that reacts with the corrosive compounds in the air, preventing corrosion on the object’s metal surfaces. In addition, the copper works to prevent the growth of mould or mildew.

Integra Packaging supplies both the specialised anti-corrosion plastic films and the more common heat shrink films, which use virgin resins for the best quality. These plastic films are resistant to ultraviolet radiation for at least 12 months.

Supply chain protection

The current resources boom is driving business in a number of ways. Many mining sites now use open rack storage – literally in the open air, some sites having expanded faster than warehouses can be built. By wrapping items in UV and anti-corrosive plastics they can be stored in the open for many months.protective wrapping QLD

Large operators are adapting to this method on their mine and refinery sites, transport operators are using this product for more effective cover during transport and many mining and oil and gas industry service companies are now being asked to use these products for deliveries. This is about protecting the investment in valuable equipment and prolonging shelf-life throughout the transport, handling and storage points in the supply chain.

Environmental award

Plastics used in these products, are non-toxic and recyclable; they are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), which can be recycled or safely incinerated.

The Intercept® range of films has been recognised in environmentally sensitive products and was awarded the prestigious 2005-06 German Environmental Prize for New Environmentally Safe Methods for Corrosion Protection.

A commitment to export

Integra Packaging is committed to export innovation in supply chain protection and 85% of the products we produce or supply are for export customers.