Korrvu: Protective Packaging With A View

At UBEECO, we can’t help but get excited about this unique product. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this innovative design
is a brand of Sealed Air; after all, they’re leaders in protective packaging. So, what is it?

Meet Korrvu

Korrvu is the versatile and compact alternative for void fills. Most businesses put emphasis on product presentation, especially when their products are to be received by mail. Korrvu’s unique design can bring your branding up to a whole new level and leave your customers with a positive impression.

Sign, Seal, Deliver: Packages with Long-Lasting Impressions

Let’s put ourselves in our customers’ shoes for a second and think about their experience as they receive something they’ve ordered from you. You open the package and the first thing you’re greeted by are a box full of loose packing noodles which makes a mess as you try to dig through for your actual purchase. If the package came with Korrvu – your experience, as a customer, would definitely be completely different. Korvvu offers you a protective packaging solution without the mess. Its sleek design houses your products securely without the need for extra cushioning. The plastic film insert in the Korvvu carton box cradles the product and holds it in tact while preventing shock damage caused by transit.

Never underestimate the power of packaging and its ability to send messages about your business.

It’s time to keep your customers coming back and talk about it with a positive light by choosing Korrvu as your packaging solution. Sign, seal, deliver: a long-lasting impression

At UBEECO, we can give you a quote for as few as 100 units. Give your customers your products with a view. Contact us today for more info about Korrvu, or visit our Protective Films page for other protective packaging options.