Finally A Way To Save Space On Bubble Wrap

Whether you’re packing orders in a massive 3PL Warehouse, or working out of your garage at home,
trying to save on space is something every packing area has in common.
But trying to save space when you use bubble wrap, can feel almost impossible due to the bulky size of the rolls.

Now, there’s finally a solutions with Sealed Air’s “Air IB” – Bubble Wrap on Demand. 1 roll of Air IB is the same as around 7 rolls of bubble wrap! Yes. 7 rolls of big bulky bubble, down to 1 small roll fitted to a compact machine.

Air IB is not only a void filler, it’s a premium choice for protection. Sealed Air backed themselves on this new product by making a series of quirky videos showing the strength and protection this new style of bubble wrap has to offer.

Available in a range of roll sizes, bubble sizes and strengths, there’s bound to be a solution for you:

1.800mm x 762m – 10mm Bubble

2.400mm x 762m – 10mm Bubble

3.800mm x 1128m – 20mm Bubble

4.400mm x 1128m – 20mm Bubble

5.800mm x 610m – 30mm Bubble

6.400mm x 610m – 30mm Bubble

Small, easy to use machine are used to produce this bubble as you need it, We have a number of price options available that can see you using this machine at no cost.

Why not get in touch and weigh up your options today.

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