Feedback – Australia’s Illegal Logging Regulations

As reported by Timberbiz

reforming illegal logging

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources wants feedback on Australia’s illegal logging regulations. Source: PS News

The Department has released a consultation paper proposing options to simplify requirements and minimise the costs of complying with Australia’s illegal logging laws.

Assistant Secretary of the Department’s Forestry Branch, Michelle Lauder said the consultation paper outlined a number of options designed to make the laws easier to comply with, while still maintaining the integrity of the Regulations that deterred the trade in illegally logged products.

“Illegal logging has serious environmental, social and economic costs and Australia needs strong regulation in place to prevent illegal timber products from entering the Australian market and undercutting legitimate businesses,” Ms Lauder said.

“The illegal logging laws were introduced in 2012, to promote the trade of legally harvested timber products and deter those who do the wrong thing.”

She said it was important however, to balance the requirements of effective regulations with the least possible burden on industry.

“We are asking industry and the community to assist us in improving the regulations so they are fit for purpose and make the due diligence requirements easier to comply with,” Ms Lauder said.

She said the consultation paper outlined six potential options to reform the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012, and posed a series of questions designed to seek feedback on the reform options for consideration by the Government.

The 57-page consultation paper can be accessed at