Cost Effective Storage Solutions

Finding a storage solution that is both effective and affordable
can be a challenge on many levels, not the least of which is the variety you have on hand.

The best way to find the right type of container for you is to put price aside, just for a moment, and focus more on your application. Are you storing food? Do you need this to last 5, 10 or even 15years? Do you need something light not over engineered?

When it comes to storage, you have a number of products in various materials to choose from. Once you consider the benefits of the types of materials help you narrow down your options.

Timber / Plywood

  • Custom sizing; small or oversized
  • Custom strength; for large machinery
  • Can be supplied flat packed; ease of delivery and storage
  • Light & heavy duty options; can reduce weight for airfreight
  • Custom fittings; rust prevention, doors, wheels
  • Export ready; ISPM15 Accredited


  • Kit form; Supplied flat packed
  • Light weight solution; ideal for storing light/medium weight products
  • Stock & custom sizing options
  • Easily recycled; made from cardboard
  • Cost Effective; Affordable one way solution
  • Fast turnaround; Standard off the shelf sizes
  • Export ready; ISPM15 Accredited pallet


  • Collapsible options; ease of delivery and storage
  • Doors; ease of filling and emptying orders
  • Vented and solid options
  • Longevity; can last 10-15yrs
  • Can be left outside; Water proof and UV resistant
  • Food safe; can be high pressure cleaned
  • Fast turnaround; Standard off the shelf sizes
  • Export ready; no treatment required.

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