3 Examples of Customised Packaging that will surprise you

One of the more satisfying aspects of what we do at UBEECO Packaging Solutions is the amount of repeat business we generate.

Antarctica PLATO-A Observatory

Having been in business for well over 50 years, we have generated a very large customer base, with whom we have worked hard to develop strong working relationships. Our customers know and understand that we are in for the long haul; working with them as industry evolves and changes – as do their needs and requirements for innovative packaging solutions.

They trust us to deliver.

Our relationships with customers generally develop into business “partnerships”, where they generate the business and we become the “go to” people to deliver shipping solutions. Each requirement is a fascinating challenge to which we are able to respond, collaborate and solve, providing good customer service in a timely manner at an affordable price.

This innovation generates a reputation, of which we are justifiably proud. However it also provides challenges that test our innovation to the extreme.

Some Examples Of Customised Packaging That Kept Us On Our Toes:

1) Antarctic Engines

The University of NSW has a research team working in the Antarctic PLATO Dome A Robotic Observatory. They needed a solution to transport generators and engine parts over ice and snow from the docking station to the research base. After collaboration, we came up with the components to build heavy duty sleds, on site, to carry large weights over rough and alternating terrain to achieve the objective. It is gratifying to know that in some small way we are contributing to important weather research.


2) Sensitive Robots

Over the last few years we have provided packaging solutions to the robotics laboratories of several Universities and High Schools who need to ship sensitive robotic equipment into the USA for competition. The teams competing have done exceptionally well on the international stage and send us letters of appreciation for building boxes and crates that get their robots to competition sites in America in good condition. Again we are proud of our contribution to the various teams’ successes.


3) Irreplaceable Artwork

One of our larger clients ship important artworks of all shapes and sizes to destinations all around the world. They often ask us to build customised crating and boxes for a wide range of valuable artefacts. The responsibility is enormous as the crating and boxes requirement does not have a failure provision. It has to work first time every time and through good customer relationships, collaboration and innovation, we are their preferred supplier. Again we are proud of our very successful association and our ability to provide the solutions.

Our customer service is the envy of the industry and we are very happy with the recognition of our cutting edge innovation and our ability to deliver.

UBEECO – Service and Innovation Wins the Day