How Timber Crates fabricated on-site created huge benefits

We often advise clients to consider our on-site timber crate construction.

In our last blog we related an extraordinary story about customised timber boxes and wooden crates with some demanding criteria regarding long term storage, moisture ingress prevention and specific anchoring requirements.

wooden boxes construction and machinery

After discussion with the client it was decided to have most of the componentry sent to our facility in Erskine Park for customised wooden crates. Some of the product components were large, heavy and awkward in shape, requiring detailed customisation. Surprisingly, the benefits of this approach were highlighted when we debriefed the exercise. The benefits became obvious and were many. The important advantages are listed here:

✔ The product was on our site, so we were able to work on fabricating the timber crates to our own timelines.
✔ Being on our site gave us access to all our resources instead of hopefully taking all we needed off-site.
✔ We were not restricted to off-site working hours and were able to dedicate overtime hours when needed.
✔ We had access to all our timber stock and machinery, enabling us to customise the timber crates as we progressed, without second-guessing our needs off-site.
✔ We had instant access to lifting equipment with no down time waiting for services to become available.
✔ We were able to assign manpower as and when it was needed.
✔ There was no down time when problem-solving as all the decisions were made in a timely manner.

There were many other benefits to this approach, but the real stand-out was the efficiency. The job was huge and the time frame short, however, we were able to perform to an outstanding level that both impressed and pleased the client greatly.

As we reflected on the success of this operation, we realised that this aspect of our business was quietly growing in the background and is now rapidly becoming an important arm of our operations.

We actively promote our on-site concept of clients sending their products to us at our Erskine Park facility, where we can efficiently, accurately and effectively customise wooden packaging, offering yet another cost-effective service to our clients.

We believe in more than just giving our clients what they expect – our policy is always to exceed their expectations.