How we stay ahead of the game in Packaging

Some examples of how UBEECO Packaging Solutions remains The Leader of the Pack in Packaging…

Industrial Packaging Experts

Total Customer Focus

When asked what sets UBEECO apart from the competition, the original Managing Director of UBEECO Joe Borg said:

“To remain competitive, the company must be adaptable, flexible and diversified. A strong customer service focus is critical to success in the industry – businesses won’t tolerate being messed around – they want you to supply quickly with a minimum of fuss. They don’t want to be kept waiting”.

He added proudly:

“Great service is something that we are very good at, and our customers really appreciate it. They rely on a fast turnaround and that’s what we give them”.

Export Expertise

Joe has overseen a number of revolutionary changes in the Industry. Apart from the growth in palletisation, and open crating, the Export market has been a focus for the company. When AQIS signed up to the export timber packaging conventions, the key regulation was ISPM 15, regulating the heat treatment on export packaging materials. This was instituted to prevent rogue bugs and parasites being shipped between exporting / importing countries, posing serious agricultural threats.

Timely Technology Investments

Joe said:

“We at UBEECO were one of the first Packaging Companies in Australia to be recognised as ISPM15 compliant and given Stamping Authority to recognise that. UBEECO is one of the few companies in the industry to offer ‘in house’ heat treatment facilities as part of the comprehensive range of services we offer our customers”.