Plastic Pallets For Racking

Choosing to use a Plastic Pallet doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the features you get from a Timber Pallet.

plastic pallets for racking

Something as simple as being able to sit your pallets onto your racking system shouldn’t be a hassle, and it isn’t if you select the right pallet to do the job.

Whether you’re looking to replace timber to plastic or simply meet your customer’s delivery standards we’ll help you find what you need.

Some of the more premium pallets available are manufactured to fit in the standard Australian racking. Whilst they are a premium choice with a price tag to suit, the longevity from these pallets sees you having them for 10-15years. This is a life span you wouldn’t expect from a timber pallet without repair work.

This style is rarely available in bulk as a second hand option so you will need to look for a supplier of new ones. You could expect to buy these in quantities as few as 2 if you picked up in Western Sydney.

Style wise, there’s a grill top and a smooth top. It just depends on what you need and what your budget looks like. So consider how much weight they’re going to hold, what your needs when you get in touch.

As a rough estimate, you could pay up to $150 for some styles but substantially less with volume. This is by no means the standard price across the board. To put it in perspective, an export pallet measuring 1100 x 1100 non rack-able could cost around $30-$40.

Let us help you understand the options. We’d be happy to have a chat about the style of pallet you’re searching for and what your budget looks like. So give us a call today on 1800 147 977 or email