Plastic Pallets For Racking

If you’re in need of pallets to simply place on your racking system Plastic Pallets can offer you the same function as timber ones. 

rackable plastic pallet
plastic pallet on rack
rackable plastic pallet

Racking Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets don’t necessarily give you the choice to give up the features that Timber Pallets offer.

Some of pallets – on the premium side – are manufactured to fit in the standard, Australian racking. As a rough estimate, some styles can cost up to $150 but be substantially less with volume. To put it in perspective: an export pallet that measures 1100 x 1100mm that’s not rack-able can cost you around $30 to $40. While they are a ‘premium’ choice with a price tag to suit, you benefit from the longevity they offer; they last for 10 to 15 years! This is a lifespan timber pallets would not live up to without proper repair work. 

Plastic Pallet Styles and Benefits

Style-wise: they come as a grill or smooth top. Plastic Pallets for racking are similar to Export Pallets in the way that they can have a 4-way entry (there’s an option for a 2-way as well). The only main difference is that Rackable Plastic Pallets have built-in grooves for them to sit securely on racking shelves. 

They’re heavy-duty pallets that are 1000kg to 1500kg in Rack Rating and have an anti-slip option. Any Plastic Pallets can also be easily cleaned with a power-hose, unlike timber ones where the wood has the potential to grow mould if not treated properly. 

This style of Plastic Pallets, though, is rarely available in bulk as second-hand. You’d expect to buy these in quantities as few as 2 – if they’re picked up in Western Sydney. 

On our website, we have a myriad of options for pallets – whether it be plastic or timber; for export or racking. Let us help you understand the types of options you have and which ones are best suited for you. Reach us by phone or email.

plastic pallets for racking