4 Tips – Ordering A Wooden Box

So, you’ve chosen the Wooden Box as your packaging solution but you’re faced with another lot of options.
We completely understand that it’s not always easy to source them – especially industrial-sized ones.

large wooden crates
large storage cases
open wooden case

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the dynamics of your shipment by following these 4 Tips – finalising your packaging solution option will be done in no time.

Understand The Styles Available

Are you seeing cases and crates in your wooden boxes search? That’s because wooden or timber boxes are commonly referred to in the industry as cases and crates. The difference? A case is fully enclosed, whereas a crate has gaps. If you don’t need a lid: it’s referred to as a fruit crate.

You’re not limited to one or the other; you can have a combination of both. It all depends on your application.

Know The Size of Your Products

We’ve manufactured cases and crates for machinery and other products up to 15m long; no job is too big (or too small!) for us to produce. In some cases where the transportation of your products to our site would be difficult, we may be able to manufacture on your site instead. Have a read about our onsite packing service.

Choose The Style Based On Size and Weight

Size and weight don’t always correlate. It’s imperative that you know and provide the weight of your product so that we can produce a wooden box that’s fit for its purpose; a simply-made plywood case may not be the practical option for shipping a 50-tonne machine!

Know Your Material Choices

Industrial wooden boxes can be manufactured from softwood, plywood or hardwood. Again, your choice of material depends on the application of your wooden box – which depends on size and weight.

With these tips in mind – there’s no such thing as a ‘standard box’; everything we do is custom made. We’ve designed and manufactured wooden boxes for a variety of industries and purposes such as:

  • Glass
  • Oil, Mining, and Gas
  • Aviation
  • Food, Medical, and Pharmaceutical
  • Department of Defence
  • Storage
  • Export

There’s no need to order 100 boxes, too. We’re more than happy to work with you to produce as little as 1 box – providing that it meets our minimum order value of $135+GST. Our experienced team is always ready to advise the best solutions for our customers. We’re available by phone on 1800 147 977 or by email at [email protected] Get in touch today.

ordering wooden boxes