Why 2 months became 3 weeks for a packaging supplier

How Silverwater Box (now UBEECO Packaging Solutions) streamlined the packing and packaging process to meet the challenge of a critical deadline.

The Christmas “rush” or “silly season” took on a new meaning leading up to Christmas 2015.

loading wooden box onto Shirase icebreaker

The Christmas “rush” or “silly season” took on a new meaning leading up to Christmas 2015.

A highly valued and well respected client received last minute instructions for some large, expensive, highly technical equipment to be put into long term storage packaging and shipped to Western Australia. This usually involves the on-site measuring, quoting and constructing of custom built packaging to suit the equipment. It also involves securing the equipment to the packaging, wrapping the equipment in plastic and the application of moisture absorption materials in strategic locations to prevent humidity damage over the long term.

However the time-frame was given as “Pre-Christmas” and suddenly the team had 3 weeks to complete 2 months or more of work.

The off-site solution

It was decided by both management teams that to streamline the processes and take advantage of in-house materials and machinery availability, it would be far more efficient to bring most of the clients’ equipment to our main facility. This had the additional benefit of the team being able to work outside the normal working hours of a day. The larger “body” components of the equipment were packaged on site at the clients’ location.

The nature of the contract was that the packaging all had to be inspected by a third party and signed off as being certified to the exacting standards of the end user, as the equipment is all part of the massive Wheatstone and Gorgon Liquefied Natural Gas project in Western Australia. It is essential to the project that the equipment be “ready for service, on demand, on site” and the team at Silverwater Box (now merged with UBEECO Packaging Solutions) ensured that the clients’ demands were met.

Customer service at its finest

UBEECO has always put a very high priority on customer service. They assessed what needed to be done, applied themselves and their skills and, much to the relief of the client, got the job done – with the last crate ready to leave the yard at 6pm on Christmas Eve!

The client was so impressed with the professionalism, dedication and expertise of our team that they issued a special “Certificate of Appreciation” to them as an expression of gratitude for a job well done!

In an ironic twist to the story, other clients are seeing the benefits of out-sourcing the packaging of their products to an off-site facility, with professionals creating the packaging solutions in an efficient and timely manner UBEECO appreciates this new style of business and the clients appreciate the cost savings and professional presentation of their packaged goods. This whole new concept is taking close business relationships to a new level.