Wooden Boxes – Understanding the Styles

Did you know that there are a variety of Wooden Box styles you can choose from, especially at UBEECO?

ordering wooden boxes

Types of Wooden Boxes

Different styles cater for different application needs so we thought we’d give you a hand and explain what each of them are.


This is a fully-enclosed wooden box with no gaps. This option is ideal when you need the contents of your export to be completely protected. Whether it’s for security or protection – a closed-in case should be your choice of wooden box. We manufacture these from softwood, plywood, LVL, as well as a combination of these materials.


Also known as a Skeleton Crate, this is a wooden box with gaps of 10mm or more. The size of the gaps can be made according to your needs and will also vary depending on the application. In some cases, this style is used more for providing a frame around the product before it’s shipped for export. Little material is needed for the sides and ends, leaving the core structure in the base as the support for the goods it houses.

Ply Case

This is the number one option when it comes to airfreight because it’s a case made from plywood, making it lightweight, thus reducing your airfreight costs. The overall weight of the box is much less than getting something produced in softwood and you can also avoid ISPM 15 Certification for this material. This also makes plywood the best solution for trade show cases because they’re easy to wheel around exhibition halls and protect your displays.

If these basic styles aren’t enough – you also have the option to custom make these with additional accessories such as foam lining, handles, wheels, and many more. We always build our supplies to suit our customers’ applications. Whatever you need a wooden box for – we’re ready to make them however you need them to be. We’re a phone call away.