Facts about timber packaging for export (And why ISPM 15 is important)

Silverwater Box (now merged with UBEECO Packaging Solutions) were one of the first packaging companies in Australia to achieve the Compliance Export Standard* ISPM 15.

Softwood - Rough Sawn Timber

This is the critical International Standard for exported Packaging Materials that involves specialised heat treatment for exported timber to eliminate timber pests. It prevents cross-contamination by feral insect pests, bugs and fungi being transferred from one country to another.

Many, if not all, overseas destinations will not accept packaged or crated goods that do not display the stamp of a Registered ISPM Provider.

Stepping up to the physical challenges, our team developed a State-Of-The-Art heat treatment facility that will heat timber to a core temperature above 65 Celsius for a period exceeding 30 minutes.

(This Standard was adopted by International Agencies, based on the fact that all targeted timber pests do not survive at these temperatures and times, thereby protecting the environment of the packaging destination).

All packaging for export must be stamped by a Registered ISPM Provider and all Providers are audited twice a year to control and maintain compliance.

Silverwater Box (now UBEECO) have never failed an Audit and are leaders in the ISPM 15 Market.

The benefits to UBEECO and its customers of becoming a Registered ISPM Provider were immediate and well worth the investment of time and money.

The quick response of the company to the challenge of ISPM 15, demonstrates that our organisation is committed to development and ready to respond quickly to the changing demands of the industry. The original Managing Director of UBEECO, Mr Joe Borg, said:

“We have a big reputation in the industry for delivering outstanding Customer Service and we protect that reputation fiercely. We do whatever it takes to maintain our competitive edge – be the industry benchmark – and satisfy our customers’ demands.”

With a philosophy like that, UBEECO will clearly continue to be the Market Leader well into the future.

* AQIS Export Standard ISPM 15. This is the International Standards for Packaging Materials, Section #15, which deals specifically with Heat Treatment Standards