‘Rough-sawn’ or rustic-look solid wood furniture
has become a hugely popular trend in recent years.

As an industrial manufacturer we have acquired a large amount of experience in creating retail packaging designs that exude this textured, sawn look. We receive a number of requests to convert fruit crates into shelves – tables and pallets into beds and wall art, where markings in the wood add texture and character.

It’s important to remember we’re not a furniture design company, but we are able to create unique pieces that fall within the ‘rustic’ or ‘vintage’ themes where saw marks are left in the wood instead of being sanded out.

retail crate wall

For fans of rustic furniture, we can assist you to create these solid, hand crafted designs featuring rough finishes, un-sanded edges and un-laquered surfaces. They are achievable based on what you require.

Get in touch with our team to talk about how we can help bring your vision to life.

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