Intercept Technology™ at UBEECO Packaging Solutions

We are a proud distributor, trained and qualified to protect products with Intercept Technology™.
Our onsite crew and sales team have received specific training for its application.

Intercept Technology™ is the revolutionary industrial protective packaging invented and developed by Alcatel Lucent Bell Laboratory.

When exposed to elements such as static electricity and humidity, electronics, metals and various other minerals are prone to tarnishing, corrosion and oxidation – Intercept Technology™ shields against just that. Not only does this innovation prevent damage and affect the physical appearance of materials – its combination of ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection blocks EMI and protects electrical properties.

There are two main Intercept Technology™ products:

Corrosion Intercept® (copper colour) acts as a very efficient reactive barrier to corrosive gases trying to migrate into the closed container or bag.

Static Intercept® (dark brown colour) has the same chemistry as Corrosion Intercept®, but it also has ESD properties when the bag is closed Intercept goes back to work.

Contact us today for more information on how Intercept Technology™ can benefit and protect your products. Our onsite crew will take care of the product application for you.

intercept technology anti-corrosion packaging

Discover the Award-Winning Innovative Protective Packaging

Intercept Technology™ has won awards including the Australian Packaging Awards and the Deutscher Gefahrstoffschutzpreis, a German Government-issued Environmental Award. Intercept is also ISO Certified.

Intercept Technology™ Product Range

These innovative, anti-corrosive and anti-static protective packaging films are made with highlight reactive copper, bonded into a polymer structure.
Our Intercept Technology™ product range includes Corrosion Intercept®, Static Intercept®, RIBS™ MVTR and Intercept Mineral Preservation System.

We also have an in-house loft where we are able to manufacture custom products, pre-made shaped bags, PVC covers and supporting equipment
such as zipper windows (perfect for Mining, Oil and Gas applications).

anti corrosion archival packaging corrosion intercept

Corrosion Intercept®

This reactive barrier is the preferred choice for consumer, museum and archival applications. It provides long-term corrosion protection; is volatile-free, oil-free and includes an in-built saturation indicator.

Available as films and bagstranslucent film, saturated foam and 3D Corrosion Protection.

thermoform tray anti static intercept packaging

Static Intercept®

This is the protective film used for electronics and industrial applications due to its permanent protection from ESD and reactive barrier which provide corrosion preservation.

Available as bags, films, shrink films,
canvas thermoform totes and liners.

mineral packaging

Other Products

RIBS™ M.V.T.R. combines the properties of Corrosion Intercept and Static Intercept to deliver the ultimate ESD and corrosion protection while shielding against humidity.

Available as films and bags.

The Intercept Mineral Preservation System is perfect for core samples, chip finds and pulp mineral samples. Its application is simple; no freezer, waxing or de-humidification is required, allowing for accurate laboratory analyses.

How does it work?

Intercept Technology™ is a highly reactive copper reacted into a polymer structure. It has been manufactured to function as a very efficient reactive barrier to corrosive gases trying to migrate into the closed container or bag.

Intercept is made with copper bound within the plastic so that it cannot migrate out of the film, acting as a solid sheet of high-surface area. Simply put: the film is a highly reactive copper that acts similar to plastic. Within a short time, the gases that cause corrosion will react with and be permanently neutralised by the Intercept film.

There 2 types of Intercept: Corrosion Intercept®(Copper colour) and Static Intercept® (Dark Brown) which has the same chemistry as Corrosion Intercept®, but also has ESD properties.

Intercept allows new packaging concepts with higher packing densities and less packaging material. It is temperature independent works in high and low temperatures.

how intercept technology works

Intercept Technology™ Product Features

Humidity Indicator Kit

Repairable Material

Zipper Window Fitting

CI Wrap Queensland

What makes Intercept™ Revolutionary?

Intercept Technology™ film acts similar to a sacrificial anode which prevents surfaces from corroding and works in 3 ways to stop corrosion.

  1. It acts as an efficient and reactive barrier which prevents gases from migrating into the closed packaging. Gases that cause corrosion will react with and permanently be neutralised by Intercept films.
  2. In only a few hours, Intercept films cleanse trapped air within a sealed of closed environment.
  3. Intercept films also help protect galvanic corrosion by being a highly-effective electrical shunt. Intercept films ‘turn on’ electrically at 0.7 Volts.

Benefits of Intercept Technology™

  • Reusable up to 3 cycles
  • Allows for rotation of bearings and shafts
  • Items able to be inspected without losing protection
  • Long and short-term protection
  • Non-volatile and worker-safe
  • Temperature independent
  • Intercept outdoor products UV stabilised
  • Recyclable
  • Safe for air freight transport
  • Static dissipative
  • Polycarbonate safe
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous protection
  • No application cost
  • No oil or volatile removal cost at receiver end
  • No off gassing
  • No OH&S issues
  • No size/volume restrictions
  • Does not contain any solvents
  • No emitters required

Responsible Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Static Packaging

Intercept Australia is working with out customers to meet and exceed the 2025 Australian National Packaging waste targets.
The requirements are:
– 100 % Reusable
– 100% Returnable
– 100% Recyclable
– 30% Recycled content included in plastic films.

Intercept Technology is worker safe and has no off-gassing of volatile solvents.

How Intercept Film is Applied On Different Surfaces

Intercept Technology™ shrink wrap is made for industrial use and fits in most application methods. Our onsite crew and sales team are trained and qualified to apply Intercept products.
Whether it’s a small, delicate item or an irregular-shaped machinery – there are many techniques we use to make the most out of the shrink wrap.

Webbing for a Secure Structure

Shrink-wrap products will shrink in a straight line between two points. The webbing technique allows a frame to form under the film to sit against, to create a run-off or a bridge between two points. Webbing can also be used as an anchor point to hold down shrink-film in concave shapes.

Repairing Damaged Areas

Intercept Technology products can be easily repaired with shrink tape or by covering the damaged area with an extra piece of shrink wrap. Applying gentle heat allows the two layers to ‘glue’ together.

PVC Framework for Water Run-Off

Building structure with PVC tubes allows for water to run off on flat or concave surfaces. To do this, we attach the PVC tube framework so that it creates a high point; ensure to create a padding around sharp points to prevent the film from piercing.

Attaching Different Fittings

The versatility of Intercept Technology products allows for various fittings to be applied to suit your application needs. Download our PDF guides on how to install Vents, Water Drains and Zipper Windows.

Intercept Technology™ In Action

Intercept’s anti-static and anti-corrosion packaging films are made for industrial use
– perfect for the Mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Aviation Industries.