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QIKPAK™ Mailers

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Easily Mail Your Package with QIKPAK™

Wrap-around cardboard mailer boxes from QIKPAK™ allows you to send books, CDs and vinyl records to your customers with ease.
QIKPAK™ Mailers can be assembled in seconds – just wrap QIKPAK™ around your product, peel the self-adhesive tape and seal.
All QIKPAK™ Mailers feature a 20mm buffer zone / ‘padding’ for extra protection. Custom branding available.


Our QIKPAK™ mailers have self-adhesive tape to speed up your packing process and reduce your costs.

Secure Packaging With Buffer Zone

The interior flaps hold your product firmly while the 20mm buffer/crumple zone protects it from being damaged in transit.

Custom Branding Available

We can produce custom-branded cardboard mailers for as few as 5000 units with a 3 to 4-week turnaround.

Convenient Parcel Mailers

vinyl record mailing carton

Vinyl Record Mailers – AVAILABLE NOW!

33 x 33 cm

Due to popular demand, we have design a new size to fit
LP / vinyl records. Order LP Mailers today.

mailing carton assembly qikpak

Book Wraps

Our range of QIKPAK™ Book Wraps are lightweight and sturdy. Made with B-Flute for extra protection while your parcel is in transit to your customer.

cardboard mailers for cd and dvd

CD & DVD Mailers

Sending CDs or DVD-sized products to your customers? Our CD and DVD Qikpak mailers are made with E-Flute which secures and protects delicate products. This also allows you to keep within the Large Letter postage rate.
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QIKPAK cardboard mailers sizes

Custom Branding

We offer custom branding on cardboard wrap around mailers for as few as 5000 units. Custom-branded QIKPAK™ has a 2 to 3-week turnaround.
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Why Choose QIKPAK™?

Easy to assemble

  • Wrap, peel and seal
  • No bubble wrap needed
  • Made with B-Flute which makes for a strong, crush-resistant packaging
mailing carton easy assembly

When sending parcels to your customers, avoiding product damages is critical – especially in small businesses.
It all starts with packaging.

If your product does not have sufficient protection to withstand its journey in transit, there’s a high chance that it will not arrive in the same condition
as it was when it left your warehouse. By having the correct, protective packaging, your business can worry less about spending more money and time
reconciling refunds and returns.

QIKPAK™ is a convenient solution to protective packaging for small parcels/products such as books, CDs/DVDs, vinyl records and picture frames.
Its 20mm buffer/crumple zone acts as ‘padding’, so when your parcel is tossed around in transit,
the buffer zone protects the product inside from damage.

Don’t risk your customer not returning. Choose the premium solution: QIKPAK™

Dimensions and Weight

QIKPAK™ Cardboard Mailers are manufactured from a combination of kraft and recycled material to allow a strong, yet lightweight padded application. They are made with C-Flute, except CD and DVD sizes which are E-Flute. This ensures that QIKPAK™ provides ultimate protection whilst having minimal contribution to the total weight and cost of your parcel.

The weight of each unit varies depending on its size: our lightest one weighing at 40 grams (CD size), and our largest at 240 grams (A3).

A3 – 43 x 31cm 240g

Foolscap (FP) – 33 x 25cm 160g

A4 – 32 x 23cm 160g

B5 – 24 x 18cm 120g

LP – 33 x 33cm 240g

DVD – 23 x 15cm 80g

Software (SW) – 26 x 22cm 120g

CD – 14.5 x 13cm 40g

Minimising Postage Costs with Australia Post

To get a postage rate of $2.50, your parcel needs to meet the ‘Letter Parcel’ standard: maximum size of 360 x 260 x 20mm and weigh less than 500 grams.
Anything over these dimensions and weight is classified as a small or large parcel which starts at $8.95.

Our QIKPAK™ CD and DVD mailers fit the Letter Parcel dimensions and are manufactured with E-Flute to minimise the total parcel weight.

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