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  • Presents & Protects Your Goods
  • Reusable - Send and Receive Repaired Electronics
  • 9 Stock Sizes
  • Suspension & Retention Options
  • Versatile Sizing

Available products

#1 Standard - 190.5mm x 139.7mm x 50.8mm - Includes Carton - 210mm x 150mm x 60mm Add to enquiry
#12 Standard - 165.1mm x 107.95mm x 73.02mm - Suitable Carton Size - 110mm x 195mm x 75mm Add to enquiry
#2 Standard - 279.4mm x 203.2mm x 50.8mm - Suitable Carton Size - 310mm x 210mm x 50mm Add to enquiry
#3 Standard - 355.6mm x 304.8mm x 69.85mm - Suitable Carton Size - 390mm x 210mm x 70mm Add to enquiry
#8 Standard - 444.5mm x 317.5mm 76.2mm - Suitable Carton Size - 530mm x 320mm x 85mm Add to enquiry

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