Melbourne pallets? Meet Melbourne’s best Pallet Maker!

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Introducing JD & how he helps our customers

UBEECO team at Deer Park

Our Staff Spotlight piece: This is Jurac Riak and he’s Melbourne’s best pallet maker.

Like most serious businesses we take pride on delivering exceptional products and services to our client base. This, of course, relies heavily on having the right team, which we are lucky to have at UBEECO, and with the team here at Deer Park.

As the saying goes what makes a great company is its people. This is something core to us and giving our staff the best opportunities to learn and grow.

Why engage with us at Deer Park Melbourne?
Why should you buy your pallets from us?
What are we all about?

If you are asking one or all of these questions, we encourage to read on for the answers plus more.

The best pallet maker in Melbourne

This is Jurac Riak, or JD as we know him, and is by far Melbourne’s best pallet maker. This might be a bold claim but with over 10 years’ experience in the timber industry, together with his diverse skill set and work ethic, it can be easily confirmed. We are proud to have JD part of the UBEECO team at Deer Park.

His background: His move & our gain

Born in South Sudan, JD came to Australia over 18 years ago with 9 members of his family in search of a better life. Starting off in our Production Team, JD gained experience in all areas of our business, and enjoyed learning how to operate different machinery and develop his skills across the various facets of our business.

As our business grew here at the Deer Park location, JD realised there was an increasing demand for pallets in Melbourne.  As demand for this product was significant, he put his hand up to take on a leadership role, so that he had oversight, ensuring that we were delivering the best possible service to our customers.


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JD impressed us right from the start.  JD kept statistics on his performance and tracked his daily records all while ensuring that end result was of the highest quality.  He often works with other staff members to help improve their skills, and loves witnessing their growth, and seeing their improvements – which is a personal gain but a gain to our customer base. As we can ensure that anyone in our Production team, will produce quality pallets each and every time.

JD tells us that he loves coming into work each day.  He enjoys the comradery, the chance to work as part of a large team but also to have the opportunity to shine as part of that team.  He loves the challenge when a customer has an urgent request, or places a large order in a short time frame.  It’s a chance for him to show us all what he can do, and to contribute to the success of our customer(s).

We have the right mechanisms & our skilled team will always meet your demands

We can accommodate urgent requests & large orders with short turnaround times

We guarantee quality & personalised customer service

This might not be a surprise given what you have read so far, but we’ve even named a pallet after him (with our own internal reference). We can state that nobody can make them as fast and importantly as accurately as JD.   He’s got his own industrial fan to keep him cool during the day, and runs it almost all year, he says if he’s not sweating at least a little then he’s not working hard enough.

For our team, you can’t help but be drawn to the pride he takes in his work and his positive attitude every day.  Which he has gladly passed on to his colleagues – benefiting our Melbourne pallet production team, and of course our customers.  Football teams talk about spiritual leaders in their group, and he’s definitely one of our leaders in this area.  Outside of work JD loves music and sports in general, particularly soccer and basketball.  He spends a lot of time with family and friends on the weekends, and loves a good old fashioned BBQ.

Why is JD’s work ethic important to our customers?

Our wooden pallets, our customers.

Simply, the quicker we can manufacture quality pallets right here in Melbourne, the more competitive we can be in terms of pricing and cost-effectiveness (i.e. value for money) the better for our customer base.

The more efficiently we work, the better equipped we are to handle the last-minute requests  when our customers have secured extra work. Our customers, know they can rely on us for producing quality pallets, our support and of course quick turnaround at economical pricing.

We love having JD as part of our business, we know our customers love having him look after their pallet requirements. So, if you need pallets, why not put JD and our team to the test. You won’t be disappointed, and will soon be part of our trusted customer-base.

Our Deer Park team are available to support you with your Pallets needs.
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