Pallets Shortages, Supplies & Solutions

Understanding the current state of Pallet Supply, Shortages, and Alternatives

Given our experience and position as Australia’s Leaders in Industrial Packaging Solutions, we were invited by FTA to share some insight into the recent and current Pallet Supply issues facing our Industry and its implications in supporting other Industries.

Katryna Tancred, our State Sales Manager, shares her insight and provides some welcomed alternatives by those impacted with the Pallet Supply issues. Here we have plucked out some highlight statements:

  • You would be better served by a non-standard pallet size
  • Intra-company pallet exchange > Consider creating your own pallet pool
  • Custom pallet solution - this allows you to specify the best pallet for your load & storage system
  • Reviewing your pallet specifications
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Webinar Highlights

The FTA members specifically requested we present, to learn more about our services, and dive into the recent Pallet Supply issues.  Katryna together with Adrian Biasin, our National Business Manager (Timber), presented at this FTA webinar.

Their presentation covered a number of UBEECO’s portfolios such as Packing Services, Strapping & Preservation products, and shared a recent Case Study to name a couple.

In this video excerpt, we have plucked out information highlighted by them on Pallets specifically.

Further, here are some focus points and information on Timber and Pallet Shortages:

  • Ebb & flow of standard 1165 pallet has been a major issue due availability
  • Cost & supply pressures due to local and global occurrences
  • The impact of recent bushfires (2019) will be felt for many years
  • Recent Pandemic & Oversea events (i.e. has led to logistic issues, import market disruptions, current Ukraine invasion)
  • Our facility can produce some pallets for clients
  • As our timber supply is healthy, we are able to manufacture, unlike many of our competitors
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Next Steps You Need to Take

Take Control of your pallet supply with Custom Pallets

  • Avoid disruption & shortages
  • Reduce supply chain risk
  • Improve supply certainty
  • Custom fit for your needs
  • Reduce total pallet costs

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