Don’t Over Pay For Bubble Wrap

Custom size, cost-effective bubble wrap options

Bubble wrap is one of the most used packaging products on the market. Actually, it is one of the most popular protective packaging solutions due to its effective design & versatility.

We are often asked by customers: How is it that the bubbles don’t easily pop? This is due to a thick plastic material enveloping each air-filled bubble making them harder to pop.

Due to this soft cushioning, bubble-wrap it is extremely convenient and effective means to protect fragile items during transport, movement, and storage. It is also perfect should you need to add an extra layer of protection from bumps, scratches, marks and the like.

Now let’s dive further in the benefits of Custom size bubble wrap.

Convenience and Price

It’s surprising to hear the number of businesses that opt to simply head down to the local Stationery supplier or perhaps visit an Australia Post branch office to buy bubble wrap. Whilst this seemingly convenient solution feels right at the time, you may like to revisit this approach especially if you are in the market to save money & time.

Do you know the price you should be paying?

Bubble Wrap available at these retail stores mostly come in small convenient rolls. Whilst buying retail size rolls often seems to be the most economical choice, it’s actually the most expensive option to take. We should add that in recent years these retail stores also stock larger rolls but again it is a similar expensive story.

Wholesalers like us at UBEECO, have Bubble wrap available to sell in a variety of roll sizes. We buy in bulk, which means a great saving for you.  We offer our customers more than a variety of roll sizes. At UBEECO, we offer Custom Sizing – Saving you time & money!

A standard roll is 1500mm x 100m with a bubble wrap size of 10mm. The average price at the time of writing this is around $60-$90 / roll depending on order quantity. So let’s use $90 / roll for this exercise.

The most common size sold by retailers is around 375mm wide x 50m long and you can pay roughly $35 for a roll of this like.

Note: the quality can also vary, with more poor options that have flooded the market.

Product Feature


Surface Protect

Great Savings


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bubblewrap polycell

Did you know that a standard roll of bubble wrap can be cut down in size to suit the customer’s needs?

At UBEECO, we can cut the 1500mm wide (or tall, however you want to look at it) roll 4 times, making 4 rolls of 375mm x 100m each.

  • You’d pay the whole roll price of $85 which works out to be $21.25/ cut roll + you’re getting double the amount of bubble with it being a 100m roll instead of the 50m the retailers are offering!
  • So the true cost comparison is $0.70/ metre of bubble versus $0.21/ metre of bubble.

That’s right, you’re paying over double the price you should be.

Why should I use Custom Bubble Wrap?


  • Cost-effective
  • Saves time & money
  • Versatility
  • Re-usability
  • Offers extra layer of protection
  • Protects a range of items: heavy, fragile, valuable

At UBEECO, we offer custom sizing saving you & your staff both time plus at cost-effective prices!

The math is pretty obvious and so are the savings!
If you are in need of Bubble Wrap, get in touch with us today, it will save you both time and money.
At UBEECO, we have all your bubble wrap needs covered.