Custom Pallets and Crates in Melbourne

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Paying too much for your packaging?

How does your pallet or crate stack up?

A Case Study on the benefits of engaging UBEECO – we offer personalised and custom solutions to our customers in Melbourne and right across Australia.

Those new to this would be wondering where to start, who to engage and what packaging option to select for shipping their product. Even if your company is already using pallets and crates, there’s a real opportunity to take stock of your pallet-usage, as you could be paying too much for your packaging – pallets, crates, cases. Do you fall into this scenario?

What sets UBEECO apart from other packaging suppliers in Melbourne and beyond, is that we offer our customers more than pallets and crates; we provide them with a complete support service and ensure they receive the best option for their product, and the best value for their investment.

Engaging with UBEECO – a complete packaging solutions experience

The support we offer includes:

  • A dedicated Packaging Consultant to give you the best advice and service
  • A professional Customer Service team
  • Confirmation of your order with delivery timeline
  • High quality, Australian manufactured products
  • A production team committed to meeting the highest standards, as well as your deadlines

Let’s unpack this a little more…

While a pallet’s size is largely determined by the type of goods being shipped, it is important to note: the more timber used and the greater the pallet size, the higher the overall costs. We have experienced some companies using the wrong pallet or case design, and they’ve wasted a significant amount of money in the process.

At UBEECO, we offer to meet and discuss our customers’ requirements, rather than just quote like-for-like on what they are using at the moment. We’ll ensure that you’re not paying for timber that you don’t need, and keep your environmental footprint to a minimum.  If you haven’t reviewed your packaging for a while, you could be losing out on potentially huge savings.

Who do we support?

Our pallets support a wide market covering many industries such as:

  • Manufacturing,
  • Logistics,
  • Warehousing
  • Wholesalers
  • Distribution centres,
  • eCommerce
  • Many more...

Not sure if the pallets or crates you are using the right design for your product?

Contact UBEECO today for a free review and quotation.

Our Cases and Crates using plywood, timber or slatted timber supports a broad range of shipped goods such as:

  • Pumps/Motors
  • Components and Heavy Spare Parts
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Mining components & machinery
  • Engineering
  • Food items
  • Much more...

Snapshot of how we have supported our clients

Saving them time & money by removing unnecessary costs & setting up efficient systems

Tailored Solutions for a client requiring Pallets

  • Situational analysis – we met to review and discuss how their pallets are being used
  • Identified they needed a pallet to hold less weight
  • They were using heavy duty pallets which wasn’t needed
  • Redesigned their pallet, and provided samples for testing
  • Set up a system to hold 300 pallets on hand for them to call on in an emergency
  • Operational & Financial benefits - Saved them $620k per annum
  • Ongoing support & solutions provided

Tailored Solutions for a client requiring Cases & Crates

  • Situational analysis – we met to review and discuss how their pallets are being used
  • This was due to price increases driven by the market – i.e. Timber industry
  • Redesigned their cases, and provided samples for testing
  • Set up a system to hold cases in panel form for them to call on stock at short notice.
  • Financial savings, plus our customer could continue to deliver to their customer
  • Ongoing support & solutions provided
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Heavy Duty Pallets for a Melbourne-based customer 

A business came to UBEECO via our website recently, and asked us to quote on the same pallet they had been using in Melbourne for many years. They took up our invitation to meet on site to take a look at their site and the type of products they were transporting.  Within 7 minutes we determined that they didn’t need such a heavy-duty pallet, and that they could make significant savings by changing the timber being used.

It also became apparent that they had a lot of last minute requests from their ow customers, and often had to place last minute orders which weren’t able to be met on time.

We were pleased to welcome this new customer on board and save them over $600,000 per annum.

We now hold stock for them so that they never have to worry about being let down with a last minute request.  Their own customers are thrilled at the improved delivery times, and so are they.

By asking questions about your business & how you like to operate, we tailor an offering to provide you with the best support.

Our customers notice the savings & the overall operational benefits when engaging with the UBEECO team.

Next steps

It’s easy to dismiss timber pallets or boxes as being all the same, after all, they all look pretty much the same thing.

But get it wrong and it can cost your business a fortune, costs that have to be passed on to your customers.

Get let down too often and it can cost you customers, time and credibility.

There’s no better time to review your current processes, and UBEECO offers a free evaluation and quotation service to ensure that you are taking advantage of the best possible structure.

Get in touch with our team, we look forward to catching up with you soon.

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