Cardboard Pallets: A Surprising Alternative for Timber and Plastic Pallets

Did you know: pallets don’t only come in timber and plastic, but cardboard too? And they’re just as sturdy.

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Here at UBEECO, we’re all about quality and innovative products. If you’re in need of an alternative to your standard timber or plastic pallet and looking to lessen your environmental impact – we have the right products for you: our cardboard pallets. They’re perfect for pharmaceutical manufacturers and food production.

Cardboard Pallets

Forklift lifting a Cardboard Pallet

Our Cardboard Pallets are 100% recyclable and are easy to break down. They’re lightweight which means they’re perfect for airfreight and save you shipping cost. Not only that, using lightweight Cardboard Pallets instead of ones made from timber or plastic reduce fuel power needed to carry your cargo.

We understand that this style of pallet may be a concern to some due to the material. Although they don’t have the same structural integrity as timber or plastic ones, our Cardboard Pallets have significant strength: can be custom made to hold most cargo! What’s more is that they make exporting a lot easier as there’s no need for ISPM15 Certification and pose no risk of contaminating your shipment with woodchip or dust. This is a great alternative if contamination from damaged or dirty pallets is an issue for you.

Pallet Pads

Pallet Pads make great barriers between your products and timber pallets and protect them from potential contamination from dirt, dust, splinters or nails from your timber pallets.

Why use Pallet Pads? By placing them as a layer on top of the pallet, Pallet Pads prevent your boxes or products slipping through the slats, add stability and evenly distribute weight between layers. They also provide a stable and clean base for products to be stacked, keeping the load tidy and safe from slipping.

The use of Pallet Pads on top of a stacked pallet is a common solution warehouse and 3PL companies use to act as a cushion barrier before using stretch wrap.

Our Pallet Pads are 1165 x 1165 in size (stock product) and are made from 100% recycled paper.

To enquire about Cardboard Pallets or using Pallet Pads as premium protection for your shipment, give us a call on 1800 147 977 and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you about our pallet alternatives.

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