Issues with Marine Surveyors and How to Avoid Sea Freight Complications

(or “Avoiding Sea Freight Complications for the Mining Industry”)

Over the years at UBEECO, we have been contacted numerous times, to troubleshoot incorrectly packed and poorly executed sea freight by other companies. If not done correctly, marine surveyors reject these containers, leading to further operational complications
and major delays in delivery.

container packing onsite

Packing 100m Long Steel Beams and Machinery for Sea Freight

One of the main industries that face this problem is the Mining Industry, where loose, random-sized items require additional care and thorough processes to pack. Let’s take a look at how our UBEECO team successfully tackled a previous customer’s challenging packing job headed for New Caledonia.

Items to pack:

  • Large iron ore sorting line (100m x 75m)
  • Large equipment such as conveyors and hoppers

From this list, we can already identify a multitude of obstacles. How can random steel beams weighing over 30 tonnes be packed into containers, along with large machinery? Of course, a job this size can become overwhelming to the client. That’s why we make the process as simple as possible to ensure that our customers easily understand what’s involved.

How We Packed Over 30 Tonnes of Steel Beams and Multiple Machinery

This is a project that took us two and half weeks to complete. For the large machinery, we manufactured custom-designed bases and timber cases – all ISPM 15 Certified:

  • 40 x Timber Bases (7m x 2.5m)
  • 10 x Timber Cases (2.25m3)

Lashings and straps were then used to fasten the load, followed by timber dunnage to secure the bases and cases inside the container. We also required additional equipment such as Franna cranes and large container forklifts to manoeuvre the items.

It’s important that the contents are neatly packed and fastened. If the loose, heavy beams aren’t packed correctly, it becomes dangerous to ship and poses risks for the person opening the container at its destination.

Example of timber base dimensionsSample of timber case dimensions










Another challenge we were faced with was the tight deadline for the ship booking. This is where our high standard of communication and collaboration really aided in the successful and timely completion of this project. Multiple teams and stakeholders were at play: liaising and working closely with project managers, contractors, engineers, fitters, transport operators, and electricians allowed us to complete the job efficiently. It’s this process and method of operation that results us in repeated business and constant referrals worldwide.

If you and your company want to prevent complications with your future sea freight and issues with Marine Surveyors, contact UBEECO for quality industrial packaging solutions on 1800 147 977 or visit our website for more information on our services and products.

container packing on site
large machinery container packing