Let’s Compare: Plastic Crates versus Wooden Crates

Are you tossing up between Plastic and Wooden Crates? Read on to find out the differences and similarities between the two.

Plastic and Wooden Crate Specifications

Life Span

When handled correctly, a Plastic Crate should last around 10 years! Additionally, they are UV-resistant so they will stand the test of time even when they’re left outside in the elements.

Meanwhile, a Wooden Crate might last around half of the lifespan of a Plastic Crate – that’s just the nature of using a natural material. But, Wooden Crates do have other benefits which its opponent doesn’t have.

Load Weight According to Material

Depending on the style, crates can hold various weights to the tonne: Plastic Crates are the weaker ones in this case as Wooden Crates (especially timber) can be custom-designed to hold tens of tonnes of weight. So, if your priority is the weight the crate will carry: Wooden Crates are your best choice.


Unfortunately, this option is only available for Wooden Crates. Having your crates custom-made means that the crate is made to specifically fit your product, rather than having the crate decide what goes inside. Of course, there are a number of styles to choose from, but choosing this may restrict you in one way or another.

We, at UBEECO, always produce custom-made Wooden Crates and we can treat the wood to meet export regulations.

Which one is the most hygienic option?

Plastic Crates are no doubt the best solution. You can clean these with a high pressure cleaner and easily sterilise them. On the other hand, timber cannot be cleaned. So, if hygiene is important to you – steer away from Wooden Crates.

Purpose: Export or Shelf Storage?

Both options are export-friendly. Wooden Boxes can be ordered as ISPM15 Certified; leading manufacturers like us can manage this very easily for you. But, if you’re only looking to store products – both will do the job just fine.

Based on Budget

Plastic Crates will be a more expensive investment dollar-for-dollar versus a Wooden Crate. In saying that, though, your choice really depends on what you need the crates for and what is important to you. If you need to leave your crate outside and it needs to be clean: it’s worth paying for a plastic one. But, if the standard sizes don’t suit or have a weight requirement of more than a few tonnes: the best solution is the Wooden Crate.

At the end of the day, just make sure you ask your packaging expert so that you’re sure you’re getting a product that ticks off the needs you have. Feel free to call or email us to help you decide!