5 Tips To Finding The Best Wooden Pallet Supplier

If you’re on the hunt to find the best wooden pallet supplier – especially in Sydney – there are a number of things to consider.

making a custom wooden pallet

1. Ability to Custom Make

So many choose to use standard pallets, but end up replacing them often due to damages. Make sure the supplier you choose can give you options to make custom pallets to suit your application. This way, the products or items pallets are being used for can be protected properly. And, if they are made with high-quality materials – there won’t be any need to regularly replace your pallets, saving you money.

2. Fast Turn-Around

Ensure that your supplier can support you and your business needs when you need stock in a hurry. One of the ways you can be sure that they have a fast turn-around is to see how much stock they keep on the floor. If they don’t carry much – they may not be able to provide you the convenience you need.

3. Experience

How long has the supplier been around for? If they haven’t been around for long – which or how many companies have they provided their services for regularly? Ask these questions when you shop around as this will help you get to know the business, but also a piece of mind for sustaining the price you’ve been quoted. More experience = better service.

4. Approved for Export Quality

Whether you export already, or are thinking of exporting – be sure your supplier can meet the ISPM 15 Standards which is required for shipping timber products overseas.

5. Free Delivery

After receiving a quote for your pallets – consider whether or not it includes economically viable delivery charges, and when you can get free delivery. Does UBEECO have free delivery? We don’t charge for orders over $500 in the Sydney Metro Area.

Keeping all these in mind, we can assure you that UBEECO meets all these points. With over 50 years’ experience, we take every measure to ensure your products are well-packaged to retain the same condition as they left. We custom make a range of products such as wooden pallets, crates, and die-cut cartons; we have a fast turn-around as well and are certified to make products that meet export regulations and ISPM 15 Standards.

Are we the right supplier for you?

You won’t need to look any further for the best Wooden Pallet supplier in Sydney once you give our team of experts a call!