3 Reasons Why Custom Made Pallets Are Beneficial

Thinking of ordering custom-made pallets for your specific needs? The fear of not having enough buying power shouldn’t stop you from considering getting one custom-made pallet; they don’t have to be ordered by the hundreds.
You can order as few as one but, the more you buy – the better the pricing will be.

making a custom pallet


There are a handful of reasons why Custom Made Pallets are beneficial for your shipping and export needs. But, it may take a lot of convincing for you to invest in them. Below are some benefits that Custom Made Pallets have to offer.


Prevent Product Overhang

If your product hangs over your current pallet, it is a clear indication that it isn’t suitable for the application and gives you the risk of product damage. At UBEECO, we can help you stop your products from being damaged by changing the size to suit the item that it is being used for. This will ultimately help you reduce your losses by storing your products correctly.


Have you considered whether or not your pallet is engineered (or over-engineered!) for what you need it for? Does the material of your pallet have enough structural integrity to hold your product, or could you do with a light-weight or smaller one? Asking these questions can help you save on the unit cost, footprint in your warehouse and even freight costs.

UBEECO offers a huge variety pallets and skids to suit your needs. Check out these pages to see which type of pallet is the right one for you:

Wooden Pallets and Skids

Plastic Pallets

Tip: Although they are not able to be custom-made, Plastic Pallets are known for their durability. So, handle them correctly and they should last you around 10 years!

Better Protection

What are you using pallets for? Export/shipping? Racking? A custom-made pallet ensures that your product stable and protected, and prevents damage during shipping or storage. From simply pre-drilling holes for you or lining the base with felt, to fitting your pallets with scalloped timber – we can customise pallets for you.

Get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss what we can do to improve your shipping experiences with our Custom Made Pallets. We are fully certified for export and can treat wooden pallets to meet the ISPM 15 Certification.